Sunday , June 13 2021

Zuffen is swaying and missing for the third time

Zafgen's last clinical wait is making him unhappy for the third time – and raises questions about his future. The group yesterday postponed ZGN-1258 clinical trial plans for Prader-Willi syndrome following signs of muscle degeneration in rodents in long-term toxicology studies. The news was released after the FDA had previously challenged the security of two other projects arising from Zafgen's Metaf2 platform, one of which, beloranib, has already landed in dustbin. Meanwhile, yesterday the company said it was working at a meeting with the FDA to review the clinical waiting for the candidate for diabetes ZGN-1061, imposed in November; the update should be available in the second quarter. The ZGN-1061 hold came after promising data with that project briefly reanimating the group in June last year. Today, Zappen's depressed stock dropped by 25% in trading on the market, bringing the value of the group to a level of money. The only other product of the pipeline, preclinical phase ZGN-1345, is another MetAP2 inhibitor, so there can be no hope. Zafgen has $ 118 million in cash, so its reinsurance prospects may be limited.

Metap2 pipeline on Zafgen
Project Indication Status
Beloranib The Princes-Willy-syndrome Disrupted due to patient's death, 2016
ZGN-1061 Diabetes type 2 Faders are maintained due to the risk of cardiovascular risk, 2018
ZGN-1258 The Princes-Willy-syndrome IND delayed after rodent muscle degeneration, 2019
ZGN-1345 Liver disease Preclinical

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