Sunday , October 24 2021

Zimta, PTUZ in an ugly fall


HARARE – Zimbabwe Teachers 'Association (Zimta) and the Zimbabwe Progressive Teachers' Association (PTUZ) are waging war on words that result from their cooperation with the employer under the Apex Council – an umbrella body for all public officials.

Zimbabwe has five main associations representing the interests of teachers, namely Zimta, PTUZ, the United Zimbabwean Union of Teachers (Artuz), Zimbabwe's Union of Vocational Educators and the National Union of Zimbabwean Teachers.

In April, these unions unite to form a Federation of Zimbabwe Educators' Associations (Fozeu) to increase the pressure to improve working conditions for teachers outside the Apex Council.

But the government refuses to recognize Fozeu, insisting that all negotiations should be carried out within the framework of the Apex Council.

Zimta and PTUZ, two associations that control the majority of teachers, are divided into positions occupied by the government and trade in sharp words over this division.

General director Zimta, Sifiso Ndlovu and general secretary of PTUZ, Raymond Majongwe, exchanged spikes in "defending their integrity".

Ndlovu said that they were not fooled by caricatures built on a personal ego, whose hidden motive is perpetuating at the expense of the profession.

He said that PTUZ was created to destabilize Zimta and proved that you can not be trusted to work as an ally.

"In general, PTUZ is a caricature of a trade union and a tool of destructive discourse that moves around employee organizations in a country that wants to lead, and when it is rejected, throws tantrums," Ndlovu demanded.

"It was created not to support the unity of teachers, but to propel people who clearly showed that they can not exist in democratic spaces, do not be fooled by their cheap antics.

"PTUZ is run by untrained staff who pretend to be teachers and fears the presence of qualified teachers around them, and therefore will go long to destabilize the unity of teachers through false forgery."

Ndlovu said in contrast to PTUZ, Zimta is a well-established, principled and focused organization that has been tested over time and has shown a mature commitment of all groups of factions in the profession in search of teachers' unity.

"Zimta escaped the fight with cats introduced by PTUZ, knowing that they are cheap and distract from real problems … We will not be forced to discuss other relationships because we do not believe in this narrative, but in this case we are forced to exchange these blows to defend our honesty. "

However, Majongwe said that the distinction of two decorated leaders of labor struggles and labeling them as "tricksters" was not only unfortunate but also unfortunate.

Majongwe reminded Ndlovu that the Apeks Council is "a slave of a slave trade mentality and an obsolete act of public service whose harmonization with the new constitution has long been."

"The government, supported by bootlickers like him, of course uses and blocks Fozeu." "Of all Zimt's members, Ndlovu must know better," said Majongwe.
Majongwe accused Ndlovu Zimta of betraying teachers.

"Who does not know that every time government officials strike, the strike ends the day after Zimta joins in?

"How many times have we been so betrayed? Was the ink on a 10% salary increase dried up? Ndlovu can not rub our undernourished fur in the wrong way?

Commenting on the allegations that PTUZ is run by untrained teachers, Majongwe said it is unfortunate that they are marked in this way, given that teachers as part of his relationship do "pounding work in secondary high schools, especially in critical thematic areas such as math and science.

"Sifiso (Ndlovu) is obviously deprived of contact with current affairs and the difficult situation of suffering Zimbabweans.When the nation was plunged into the national RTA disaster, the entire chief executive of Zimt has time and energy to choose personal duels and the audacity of being Bolt Cutter?

"Where is your conscience … Ndlovu? If you were the first to call for a salary in USD, where does the $ 1,700 nonsense come from?" Majongwe said.

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