Monday , October 25 2021

Zimra tightens the screws for a $ 200 rebate


HARARE – The Zimbabwe Tax Office (Zimra) instructed its officers at country border checkpoints to strictly enforce a rebate of USD 200 on goods imported for personal use.

In a statement published yesterday, the national tax collection authority states that if the quantities imported by the traveler exceed the specified maximum quantities, then the specific item will be considered as a trade and therefore can not be considered a rebate.

"An example is the situation in which the traveler imports seven shirts in relation to the approved four shirts, the entire shipment is considered to be commercial, hence the full rate for seven shirts should be charged without a discount of four.

"Rebates for travelers are awarded for goods valued up to 200 USD or equivalent for imported for personal use, and the goods are properly declared," said Zimra.

Zimra adds that importers still have a crime of importing goods within the limits set as part of the rebate, when the goods are intended for commercial use.

The amount of rebates indicates that a person can import only four quantities of shoes, jackets, skirts, jeans, shirts, t-shirts and shorts.

Foodstuffs are not excluded from the list because there are quantities that must be met for different products.

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