Monday , October 21 2019
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Zimbabwe teachers unions to strike next week on wages

Harare, Zimbabwe (AP) – Teachers' unions in Zimbabwe say they will start to pay better wages starting Tuesday, after plans for collective action by all civil servants have failed.

The strike of some 100,000 teachers is a fresh headache for President Emmerson Mongangawa, whose deployment of troops to fight protests over a dramatic increase in fuel prices has received a global condemnation.

Most Zimbabweans, who are already struggling to place food on the table, rely on cheaper public schools to educate their children.

The Association of Teachers in Zimbabwe and the Union of Progressive Teachers in Zimbabwe require "significant" wages.

The average salary of the public administration teacher is $ 100, using black market exchange rates that rely on most businesses.

The public sector in Zimbabwe was once one of the best in Africa, but the economy collapsed in recent years.

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