Saturday , April 17 2021

Woman complaining of pain in her eyes had four live bees in her eye, doctors say – BGR

When a 28-year-old woman arrived at the Taiwan University Hospital in Foyin with complaints of eye pain, doctors approached him as a normal case of discomfort in the eyes. Her eye, which was hardly swollen, could not be completely closed, and Dr. Hong Chi Ting stared at the small cross-section between her eyelid and her cheek. Then he realized that this was not as it had been previously seen.

How BBC reports, what the doctor saw through the small gap was a small, slender black leg. He pulled on his foot and a bee came out. It was one of the four such bugs that made it home in the woman's eye, drinking the tears for maintenance.

The small bees, known as "pots of bees," because they have a habit of drinking sweat and, in this case, tears, obviously entered her eye as the woman worked out. She told doctors that the gust of wind blew up in her face and initially thought that dirt or some other kind of debris stuck in her eye.

Within hours the eye became swollen and obviously painful enough to induce a woman – identified only as Mrs. He – to seek medical attention.

Bees, which are not known to be aggressive to humans, could cause serious damage to the eye, if Ms. He strongly rubs his eye. She told doctors that she avoided rubbing her eye because she had contacts and did not want to damage her lenses while in her eye.

After successfully removing from the eye, the four bees were still alive and well, and now they are supposed to be studied by scientists, according to Dr. Hong.

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