Saturday , April 17 2021

Why your CSO, and not your SMP, should set up your security start-up – TechCrunch

Whenever it comes to security I run on my desk, I have one question: Who is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and when can I get time with them?

Having a Chief Security Officer is just as important as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or chief boss. Just as you need to make sure your offer looks good and the money continues to move, you need to show what your security position looks like.

Even for start-ups that are not secure, having someone at your helm is just as important – it's not only because of the constant security threats that all companies today face, they will become an indispensable part of the interaction with the media. Regardless of whether your company builds gadgets or processes massive amounts of customer data, security must be on the front of mind. It's not good simply saying that "you understand your privacy and security seriously. You have to demonstrate it.

CSO has several roles and they will wear a lot of caps. Depending on the type of company you own, they will work to strengthen your company's internal processes and policies to keep not only your corporate data but also your customers' data. They will also be consulted about the security practices of your application or product or service to ensure that you meet the expectations of privacy expected by consumers – not those that are monitored and comprehensive for the vacuuming industry as much as there are data.

But for the average start of security, CSOs also need to act as a point-of-face for all technical issues related to their company's product or service. A civil society can be an evangelist of a professional who can talk to their company's offer – and to journalists like me.

In my opinion, without starting any size – especially security startup – should be without CSOs.

The reality is about 95 percent of the richest companies in the world. Facebook has not had anyone running the security store since August. It may be coincidental that the giant social networking has faced a breach after the explosion after leaking after the scandal, and this shows – the company runs around without a head without direction where to go.

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