Monday , June 21 2021

Why was Connor McGregor arrested? Notorious things about patience after the arrest for "breaking the phone of fans"

Connor McGregor confessed to working on his patience after being accused of allegedly sealing the cellphone of the fan.

Notirusis announced to Instagram: "Patience in this world is a virtue to which I continue to work.
"I love my fans very much.

"I thank you all."

Police in Miami Beach said the former UCK champion with a slack and lightweight tendon struck the victim's phone and "smashed it several times" after the man tried to shoot a picture of the Irishman outside Fontainebleau early morning morning.

The report adds: "The defendant then took the phone to the victim and left."

The victim, a 22-year-old girl from Slough, said the phone was worth about $ 1,000 (£ 755).

The Instagram story of Comor MacGregor this morning with a picture of a police car

McGregor was charged with "stealing grenades and criminal evil," but Miami's jail was dropped on Monday night.

According to the report on the arrest, McGregor and the fan went outside the hotel during the incident, which was caught on video surveillance.

McGregor was not arrested at the scene, but landed at a house in Miami Beach, where he realized he was living with his girlfriend, De Devlin and the children.

The fighter brought the entire family to the United States to celebrate his 60th birthday, Margaret.

It only came a few days after McGregor ended his probation after the UFC 223 bus attack.

He is currently in Florida, preparing to make his return after his defeat to Kabib Nurmagomedov in October last year.

The State Athletic Committee in Nevada suspended McGregor for six months after being involved in a fight after the fight.

Connor McGregor

Di Devlin and Connor McGregor with their Dauger Crow

Margaret and Tony McGregor enjoy their day with their grandson Conor Jr.

Connor McGregor, De Devlin and their son Connor Jr.

Connor McGregor for Crowe's daughter

Connor McGregor, Auf McGregor, and Erin McGregor celebrate Margaret McGregor's birthday

Connor McGregor, De Devlin, and son Conor Jr. celebrate the birthday of Margaret MacGregor

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