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Why does a dead husband have a deep voice? What makes it so different? Is it a blessing or a curse?

Why the corpse husband has a deep voice – is probably one of the most common questions about the star Among us and here are the real reasons behind it.

Carcass Wife is one of the most popular names on YouTube today. A deep, unique voice and a mysterious identity turned it into a rather enigmatic one. However, viewers often asked questions about the possible duplication of his voice. In fact, some even claimed that he used a voice modulator to create the effect. Corpse Husband fans, of course, disagree. But even they do not have much idea why Krp’s voice is as it is. So, we are here to clear the mystery once and for all.

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As real as it is, but not so happy.

First of all, let us mention earlier that the voice of a man on a corpse is not false as many suggest. YouTuber himself announced himself and admitted that he is a 100% natural voice.

That’s right, now that we’ve taken that out of the way, let’s look at the reasons why the corpse husband has a deep voice. First of all, fibromyalgia. Yes, the corpse husband suffers from fibromyalgia, which is an incurable condition of the body. Patients with fibromyalgia suffer from acute muscle pain when their body is under increased load or pressure.

As scientific research proves, fibromyalgia often affects a person’s vocal cords, and thus his voice. This is because the vocal cords are also a type of muscle and speaking involves applying pressure to them. Usually, in a normal person, this pressure is hard to feel and is not a problem at all. But for a person with fibromyalgia, it is a completely different story and can lead to permanent distortion of their voice. In fact, the corpse husband almost did not lose his voice due to fibromyalgia earlier in life.

Video below: Corpse husband’s interview with Anthony Padilla.

Why the corpse husband has a deep voice: The GERD problem.

The second major cause behind his severe voice is GERB, a disease of gastroesophageal reflux disease. GERD is a condition of the stomach that causes stomach acid to constantly rise through the type of food. Usually, this leads to significant irritation, discomfort and heartburn. However, in some cases, the acid, rising to your vocal cords, can cause damage to them as well. When affected in this way, a person’s voice loses intensity over time and the pitch shrinks.

Longtime Krp fans have noticed that even his voice has become heavier over the years.

An unusual breed with an unusual accident.

“It’s been like this since I was 12 years old. I remember calling myself out of high school. “If I had to answer how I would say the combination of genetics and health I called GERD,” Corps Husser said when asked why.

So that’s the answer, right? For a start, the genetic husband of a corpse got a voice from the hard side. Then, around the age of 12, his voice changed only to become heavier. It is safe to assume that this is puberty that acts on the corpse husband’s voice to make him “masculine”. But it was his prolonged suffering from Fibromyalgia & GERD that pushed him over the edge to give him the unique mold he has today.

So, here is your answer to the question why the corpse husband has a deep voice!

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