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Watch Dogs: Legion, Gods and Monsters and more will work on PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett

Ubisoft is always jumping on new generations of dense consoles, and the publisher CEO has confirmed that all five triple A games planned for next year are coming PS5 and The Scarlet Project on the Xbox, more than their counterparts from the present. It includes Watch dogs: Legion, Gods and monsters, and Rainbow Six: Quarantine, all recently postponed to the next fiscal year at Ubisoft (meaning they will arrive in April 2020 or later), as well as two unannounced projects.

"We think the arrival of the new consoles is quite a boost to the market, because what happens with those new consoles is that Sony and Microsoft usually come with good volume for those machines," Gilmoto told conference call with investors. "So there will be a lot of marketing and new machines out there that will increase market potential. And what's important is that when you come early to the next generation of consoles, you can sell your games for a long time. So we're very happy to be close to launching those consoles because it will benefit all the games we start. "

Gilm said that the five titles coming in Ubisoft's next fiscal year will all "take advantage of all the new opportunities that come" with the next generation. It will include faster download speeds, better frame rates and many other "very good items to come with those new machines".

Both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that their next-gen consoles will arrive in time for the holiday season in 2020, and Ubisoft plans to keep the games afloat: the company plans to release three to four triple games a year after its next fiscal year (which will be particularly busy).

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