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The visit to Teenaager at the mall could have been her last

AHA news: the teenage trip to the mall could have been its last

Survivor of a heart attack Sydney Ridlehower. Photo by Rob Reedhower

Sydney Riddlehover finished her duties and convinced her parents to take her friend in a mall near their home outside Columbus, Ohio. After they arrived, the girls got out of the car and walked forward, laughed and spoke.

Peter Hubby, the stepfather of Sydney, saw the fall of the country before reaching the mall. He realized that the 13-year-old stumbled across or was just stupid around. Peter and Tracy Elsinger, the mother of Sydney, realized differently when she did not.

They rushed to her side. She was shaking and making strange sounds of breathing. Tracy thought Sydney had an attack. She turned her daughter on her side and cried for help, while Peter called him 911.

Within moments, the respiratory therapist, who was nearby, heard the mess and arrived on Sydney's side. She admitted that the girl was in a heart attack and started CPR. Also, EMT also went and joined the rescue efforts. When a security officer at the mall arrived, the unanswered EMT requested an automated external defibrillator.

The security officer caught AED in his truck and brought him to the EMT depot. AED read the rhythm that was removed and gave more electric shocks to prevent the irregular heartbeat that caused Sydney to go into a heart attack.

Until then, the ambulance arrived.

At the hospital, Sydney sat to let the brain rest for two days. Until then, doctors will not be able to determine what kind of damage may occur.

When Sydney woke up, she could not exactly answer some questions.

"I went down and I cried for an hour or longer," Theresi said.

Doctors said it could take several more days to clean up the fog of Sydney. And he did it. Soon, she returned to her normal self.

Cardiac arrest is an electrical disorder that suddenly causes the heart irregularly and can not expel the blood effectively to the rest of the body. But why will the heart of a healthy 13-year-old heart go into a heart attack?

Although doctors were unable to determine Sydney's basic problem, they thought it was likely to be a kind of improper heartbeat called ventricular fibrillation. After her heart attack, the Sydney doctor implanted the defibrillator to shock her heart if she reappears in an irregular rhythm.

Her mother is struggling with her own irregular heartbeat for more than a decade. Tracy's condition was an unusually rapid heart beat, known as supraventricular tachycardia. When her condition worsened, she was subjected to an ablation procedure and tried different drugs.

Testing after a heart arrest in Sydney revealed a genetic mutation – the one she shared with her mother – that doctors say can be associated with a heart attack. The family bought AED after a heart attack in Sydney. They guard it at home and carry it with them when traveling.

Of the more than 366,000 people in the United States who suffer a heart attack every year, about 90 per cent die. CPR, especially if administered immediately, can double or triple the chance of survival of the person.

After a cardiac arrest in Sydney, her family was subjected to CPR training. The Sydney story is portrayed as part of the CPR and AED training – a need for high school graduation in Ohio – done at satellite schools.

"You never want to use it, but it's such an important skill," said her father, Rob Riddlehouse.

Now 15, Sydney's life returns to normal, except for her new appreciation for the CPR.

"A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone," she said. "Just because someone in the vicinity knew the CPR, today I can be alive and I'm always grateful for it."

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