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The US Aviation Team arrived at the crash site in Ethiopia

ADIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) – The last accident of Ethiopian Airlines (at any time local):

11:50 h.

A United States Aviation Expert Team arrived at the crash site of Ethiopian Airlines, killing 157 people on board in Kenya.

A federal air traffic administration statement said people from the US agency were on the scene of an accident outside the capital of Ethiopia on Monday with representatives of the National Transport Safety Board.

They are joining an Ethiopian-led investigation involving authorities from neighboring Kenya and elsewhere.

The new Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft landed six minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa Airport at the time of Sunday.

The FAA says it plans to issue an update to the operators of that Boeing model soon. Boeing will be part of the investigation.


11:20 am

A witness at the Ethiopian Airlines accident said the smoke came from the back of the plane before hitting the ground, killing 157 people.

Tamat Abera tells the Associated Press that the plane is rotating twice before falling and exploding. Smoke climbed high in the sky.

An international team of investigators, led by Ethiopian authorities, is looking for the cause of Sunday's crash. Few countries and companies have based their Boeing 737 Max 8 on their precautions.


9:50 h

Official of U.N. said thousands have quietly respected the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines crash at the opening of the UN Environment Program's Assembly in Nairobi on Monday. Some people traveling at the meeting were among 157 dead.

Assistant Secretary-General Satya Tritty tells reporters that "there is much sadness that is not only for UN's colleagues, but … because there are losses on the part of the delegations of member states, civil society and others" .

Three hundred said there was a "renewed decision" to make what more than 4,700 attendees came to make: "to preserve the cause of the environment and the planet."

The UNN General Secretary and presidents of France and Kenya are expected to attend this week.


9:05 am

A Royal Air Maroc official says Morocco halted the commercial use of its only operating Boeing 737 Max 8, pending tests and trials on the plane after the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday.

The official, who spoke anonymously in accordance with the rules of the department, said the plane was to fly Monday from Casablanca to London, but was replaced.

The official said the plane, which had been used since December, had been subjected to a "inspection and verification" procedure by the Moroccan team and would be operational once the tests were done.

The official said that Royal Air Marco received a second Boeing 737 Max 8 a few days ago, part of a Boeing deal to buy a total of four vehicles.

Many airlines have strengthened the aircraft.


08:10 but.

Comair, the British Airways operator and Kuluna Flights in South Africa, says it has established its Boeing 737 Max 8 while consulting Boeing, other operators and technical experts.

The statement does not say how many planes are affected. She says the decision was made without intervention by the regulatory authorities.

Comair joined a number of other airline airliners after the deadly fall on Sunday in Ethiopia.

Vernel Stander, executive director of the Comair airline department, said in a statement that Comair "remains confident of the inborn safety of the plane".


6 h.

The United Nations Secretary-General has said at least 21 UN employees died in the Ethiopian Airlines crash along with an unspecified number of people who worked closely with the world body.

Antonio Guterres spoke at the opening of the annual Commission on Women's Status Committee, which began with hundreds of delegates who stood in silence for 157 victims.

The UN Security Council also began its meeting on Afghanistan with diplomats standing in honor of those who died.

Guterres said that "the global tragedy is close to home and the United Nations is united in grief."

He said that UN staff members came from all over the world and that "they all had one thing in common – a spirit to serve people in the world and make it a better place for all of us."


5 h.

A Greek man, who crashed Ati Abeba on Sunday, crashed Ethiopian Airlines's plane, saying he had been arguing with staff in the country to try to get up after passing the record for the gate too late.

"I saw the last passengers through which they were passing, but the gate was already closed. I complained, in the usual way when such a thing happened, but they were very kind and put me on another flight," Antonis Mavropoulos told Greek private television Skai, speaking from Nairobi.

Mavropoulos, who runs a recycling company and lives in Athens, traveled to Kenya to attend an environmental conference.

"I slowly start to agree with what happened and how close it came. On the other hand, I am also very upset – I am ruined – for those who were lost," he said in an interview Monday. "To be honest, last night I did not have much sleep."

Mavropoulos put his liveliness to happiness.

"I did not check my suitcase because I knew that the gap between connecting flights was narrow. If I checked the bag, they would have been waiting for me," he said. "This is a very difficult moment – one that can change your life."


4:45 h

The State Branch of the Fana Broadcasting Corporation of Ethiopia quotes the US ambassador, saying a six-member team of US aviation experts are on their way to the scene of Sunday's slaughter.

Ambassador Michael Raynor visited the crash site on Monday. He told the broadcaster that experts from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transport Safety Board are expected to arrive on Tuesday.

He says Boeing and Interpol will also help the Ethiopian government in the investigation. Interpol will help identify the victims. "

A flight data recorder and a pilot cabin recorder were found.


4:35 h

Officials in Uganda say a senior police officer is among those killed in the plane crash of Ethiopian Airlines on Sunday.

Uganda police say they are complaining to Christine Alallo, who was a police commissioner under the banner of the African Union mission in Somalia.

The statement was called "a highly respected member of the forces who loved her job".

Alalo returned from a trip to Italy. She is the only Uganda who died in the accident. All 157 passengers were killed.


4:20 pm

A German pastor and aid worker from Germany are among the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday.

The World Council of Churches says that priest Norman Tendis traveled to the UN Environment Summit in Nairobi. The 51-year-old worked in Villach, Austria.

The German development aid organization GIZ confirms that an employee was on board. Spokesperson Tanya Stump told the Associated Press that the woman was on a business trip.

German Foreign Minister confirmed that at least five German nationals were killed in the crash.


4:05 am

Catholic Relief Services reported that "with heavy hearts", four of his colleagues from Ethiopia died in a crash in a plane crash outside Addis Ababa.

The relief team said that Sarah Chalachev, Genet Alemhekhu, Sintayhu Aymeku and Mulusu Aleem traveled to Nairobi for training.

The four worked with the organization for another decade. They worked in public procurement, logistics and finance.

All 157 people on board were killed. They came from 35 countries.


3:30 am

There are agony scenes as members of the Ethiopian Pilots Association cry uncontrollably for colleagues killed in Sunday's crash near Addis Ababa.

The photographs of seven crewmembers sitting on chairs on the front of the crowded room.

One pilot said he was planning to watch a football match between Manchester and Arsenal with flight pilot Yared Getachew.

It was Getachew who issued a call for anxiety shortly after taking off and was told to return. But all contacts were lost.

Another pilot says he flew several times with Yared and said he even lived together before becoming senior pilots.


3:15 am

Pope Francis sent condolences to the families of victims of a plane crash in Ethiopia.

Cardinal Peter Parolin, the State Secretary of the Vatican, said in a statement Monday that the pope is sad to find out about the crash and "offers prayers for the deceased from different countries and praises their souls at the mercy of Almighty God."

The announcement reads: "Pope Francis sends sincere condolences to his families, and to all who mourn this tragic loss he refers to the divine blessings of comfort and strength."


3 h.

Boeing's shares are diminishing before opening the US markets after the Ethiopian accident at Boeing 737 Max 8, the second deadly crash since October.

All 157 people on board were killed on Sunday. A Lion Air model on the same plane crashed in Indonesia last year, killing 189 people.

Boeing Co's shares fell more than 9% in pre-trading Monday. If this trend exists, it could be one of the worst trading days of the company in about a decade.

Indonesia and China have grounded all Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. Ethiopian Airlines and Cayman Airways do the same.


1:35 h

The State Branch of the Fana Broadcasting Corporation of Ethiopia said the black box was found by the crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane.

An airline official tells the Associated Press that the box is partially damaged and that "we'll see what we can get from it."

The official spoke on condition that he remains anonymous due to a lack of authority to speak to the media.

The plane crashed shortly after taking off from Addis Ababa on Sunday on a journey to Nairobi.


1:20 pm

China says two United Nations workers were among eight Chinese nationals killed on the flight Ethiopian Airlines, which crashed shortly after the take-off on Sunday.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said other Chinese passengers included four people who worked for a Chinese company and two people traveling to Ethiopia for "private business".

All 157 people died during the flight to Nairobi.

Lu said Chinese President Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders sent message of condolences to their Ethiopian counterparts. China expressed condolences to the victims' families.

China has ordered its airlines to land their Boeing 737 Max 8 to 6 am aircraft.


12:45 pm

The United Nations Migration Agency said one of its employees, German citizen Anne-Catherine Feygl, was on board a training course in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya and the plane's destination.

The German Foreign Ministry has officially confirmed that five of the victims of a plane crash in Ethiopian Airlines, which killed 157 people, were German nationals.

The ministry said on Monday it was in contact with victims' families. Does not reveal any information about the identity of those who died in the Sunday crash.

Altogether, 35 countries had 157 people killed. All the people on the plane died a few minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa.


12 h.

Office of UN in Nairobi joining Ethiopia for mourning for 157 people killed in the Ethiopian Airlines accident on Sunday immediately after taking off from Addis Ababa.

Moment of silence and U.N. flags of semi-staff marked deaths involving several U.N. workers. and Associated Organizations.

The UNN Coordinator in Nairobi, Sidhart Chatterji, says "This has taken us away from shock … But it also goes to strengthen the mortality of human life and therefore strengthens the need for humanity."

He says UNDO Secretary General Antonio Guterres sent a "message of condolence to everyone, not only to UN staff, but to the crew of the flight and all other nationalities who were on board."

People from 35 countries have died.


10 а.м.

A spokesman said Ethiopian Airlines found all its Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft as a security measure after the crash of one of its planes that killed 157 people.

Asrat Begagov said on Monday that although it is not yet known what caused the accident on Sunday, the airline decided to move its remaining four 737 Max 8 aircraft to further reporting as "an additional safety precaution." Ethiopian Airlines used five new 737 Max 8 aircraft and waited for another 25.

Begasho said the search and digging for the detection of parts of the body and debris from the aircraft will continue. He said Israeli forensic experts arrived in Ethiopia to help with the investigation.

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