Wednesday , April 21 2021

The three biggest lottery wins in South Africa

Powerball and Lotto are the most popular forms of gambling in South Africa. As early as 2007, the value of the transactions for these two games reached up to 3.972 billion and an average of 5 million transactions per week. Five years later, in 2012, the National Lottery sold Lottery tickets and Powerball worth 4.7 billion dollars. This number is sure to only increase in 2019. There are many exciting lottery winning stories around the world and a good few just in South Africa. We will mention the three biggest victories in South Africa.

1. Education boyfriend

In February of this year, a man in Cape Town won a massive R232,131,750,69 – the largest-prize fund of Powerball in history. The lottery was sold for tickets for this drawing worth R74m, but the winner was the only person who chose the winning group of numbers. He chose his own numbers – 4, 18, 21, 26, 35 and Powerball 5. The jackpot at this stage was almost R10m more than the estimated value.

The winner was a man in the fifties, and he waited a week before awarding his prize. He said he wanted to remain anonymous and to everyone's surprise he said he would not leave his job. Instead, what he wanted to spend money was the education of his children.

2. Engineer

A few days before August 3, 2018, a man in Mpumalanga spent only 20 euros on his lottery. He himself chose the six winning numbers only to win a prize of R145,469,799.30. The winner is an engineer and said that he and his wife played three times a week in the university, but never won more than a few hundred randi. They check the winning lot of SA lotto and are amazed to realize that they were the only winners of the draw. After receiving the award, they said they never fought the financial and the only debt they had for their car. But the engineer spoke about the inability to find a job after graduating from university and said he would never want that experience. The couple said they would be careful about spending their money and investing much of it.

3. The guard

The third biggest victory took place in January 2018. The prize fund amounted to 130,000,000. This time there was not a single winner, but the award was shared among four lucky players. Four winners won 27.5m euros. One of the winners was from Eastern Cape. He was the guardian and father of five, so we were not surprised when we found out that his first priority was his family, as he said: "I'm very excited, but I'm trying to control myself – I do not want money to change me, I'm simply planning to I send my children to university ". He added that he wants to build a house for his family and give it to his church.

All these winners look very responsible with money. But winning such a huge amount can change in life. Nadezdy Masofa, public relations manager at Ithuba, says that "because it is such a significant amount that is defeated, the person will have to contact us and as soon as he gets to the offices of the national lottery, they will be offered financial advice and some psychological help ". So, if you play the lottery, you can be sure that as a winner you will be in safe hands. However, make sure you do your part too. Be sure to check if your ticket wins, but do not panic if you do not do it right away. You have up to 365 days to claim a reward!

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