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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is making leak, revealing a dramatic redesign

The Galaxy Galaxy Note 10 consists of one of the most anticipated drivers of this year's models this year. And today, thanks to Steve Hammerstoff and 91Mobiles, we have the first look at what the standard Galaxy Note 10 looks like

Not one, not two, but three cameras on the back

Presenting a tremendous shift in the galaxy's direction of the Samsung Galaxy Note, the upcoming flagship sets the horizontal placement of the camera found on previous devices in favor of a completely new vertical layout positioned in the upper corner. Unlike mid-range Galaxy A models that use a rectangular module, however, this setup is significantly more complicated.

The Galaxy Note 10, as can be clearly seen on the mortar, appears to include a total of three cameras on the back. According to rumors, a smartphone will lend its camera technology from the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung announced earlier this year. The news means that the flagship will arrive equipped with a primary 12-megapixel sensor coupled with a variable grid for enhanced low-light shots.

Attaching the main camera should be a second 12 megapixel camera that uses a 2x telephoto zoom lens. In addition, for the first time on the Galaxy Note, Samsung is expected to include a super-wide angle alternative that offers a resolution of 16 megapixels.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is making leak, revealing a dramatic redesign

Completion of the setting will be the usual LED flash which in this particular case is placed to the left of the cameras. Interestingly, there seems to be no sign of heart rate monitoring, suggesting that Samsung is removing the 2014 Galaxy S5 feature.

Say goodbye to the headphone jack and the Bixby button, hello to Infinity-O

Looking at the front of the Galaxy Note 10, the most remarkable detail is perhaps the overall shape of the phone. Over the years, the Galaxy Note has brought a more rectangular look while the Galaxy S series has openly embraced the curves. But with the model this year, Samsung seems to take this to a whole new level with sharper edges and it seems to be a flat frame above and below, allowing the device to stand by itself.

Switching to the screen, the Galaxy Note 10 boasts a 6.3-inch curved AMOLED panel attached to a fingerprint scanner on the screen, thin side frames and impressively small upper and lower frames. Not surprisingly, there is no sign of a notch with Samsung, rather than deciding to design a hole. But, unlike Galaxy S10, the only 10-megapixel selfie snapper is positioned in the center, not in the corner of the panel. Additionally, the size of the hole appears to be slightly smaller.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is making leak, revealing a dramatic redesign

Rounding back to the aluminum frame, on the underside there is a speaker that forms a stereo tuning when connected to an input alternative. Also present is the USB-C port and, of course, all the important S Pen. But, by supporting previous rumors, there are no signs of a headphone jack.

Separate reports recently claimed that Samsung will rip all the physical buttons on the Galaxy Galaxy Note 10 in favor of capacitive alternatives to the touch. However, today they make these rumors to reveal them by showing the presence of a standard toner and a key for inclusion. However, there is no Bixby button.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 date and availability

The Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be official at some point in early August, along with a larger and more expensive Galaxy Note 10 Pro, the second being said to have a 6.75-inch screen and four cameras on the back.

It is assumed that pre-orders for Galaxy Note 10 devices will begin immediately after Samsung's introduction. Then, about two weeks later, the smartphone shipments should start. As you would expect, the leaders should be available internationally, and the United States will get a Snapdragon 855 variant, while Europe and other international markets will get the Exynos 9820 variant.

It is rumored that Samsung is developing 5G versions of the Galaxy Note 10 offers, but the details are relatively small at this point. In addition, sales may start later.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is making leak, revealing a dramatic redesign

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