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Taylor Swift's new single "ME!" Did fans cheat on her seventh album

Hype Queen Taylor Swift has released her latest single "ME!" After the morning morning this morning, violently applied to Swifties. For several weeks, Swift smacked her by following images with pastel images and honestly editing. She rejects Sherlock-virtuous advice in preparing for her big announcement, and her dedicated followers have grown on that occasion.

Taylor Swift | Leah Puttkammer / Getty Images
Taylor Swift | Leah Puttkammer / Getty Images

On Thursday, April 25, Swift surprised fans in Nashville with a not-so-mysterious appearance before the frescoes of Kelsey Montague's butterfly. The trip was not made public, and yet, Swifties appeared.

"You guys are amazing to find this," Swift, who told the crowd in The New York Times, "because nobody knew we were coming, nobody knew this was part of the campaign."

The music video, like the single, fell at midnight. The video "ME!", Directed by Swift and Dave Meyers (who also worked with Kendrick Lamar, Missy Elliott and Pink), is a huge difference from the visual images imagined by Swift Reputation era.

The video starts with a snake, but it is creamy and white pink, and it shoots in a kaleidoscope of colorful butterflies just as it prepares to strike. Swift has an obvious message for her listeners: she's done.

We follow one of the pastel butterflies on the window that looks at the couple's house (Swift and Brandon Uri from Panic! At Disco) who argue (in French). The fight is dramatic (in French!), Caricature, setting this pastel world. What follows is a song about, if you ask Swift, individuality.

"" ME! "It's a song for accepting your individuality and really celebrating, and owning it. I think with a pop song, we have the ability to get a melody stuck in the minds of people, and I want it to be one that makes them feel better about themselves "she said when the single fell.

It's a track to be worth the trouble. Swift's character can be psychological on the phone and can not leave him alone enough, but no one else like her.

The video's visual videos are so in the face that we can easily imagine the spectacle to become a drive to Universal Studios from the Swift's 30th birthday. We definitely have our pop princess back. Received message, Taylor-skin: OUT; TULLE: IN.

Swift fans love TS7 and they want it now

Swifties were, of course, ecstatic to experience "MEN!" In all of his rainbows glory. But now that they had the snack, they licked their riffs in anticipation for a full meal.

Many Swift fans can not even mention "ME!" Without mentioning TS7.

Some fans used the video as an opportunity to seek clues about the rest of the album.

And some fans, although not 100% here for "ME!", Are still very much here for the aesthetic rainbow.

How many more clues will Swift give us before the official release of TS7? How many photos will you publish? Will there be another countdown clock? We are not sure what this has to do with its sleeve this time, but one thing is certain: it will never give birth to us, baby.

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