Live shootout in Sri Lanka

Soldiers are reportedly fighting a weapon with suspects linked to the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka. A military spokeswoman said the fight broke out only after 11 am Friday. It happened just hours after the announcement that all mass week was canceled in the country's Catholic churches this weekend.

The cases of measles are the highest in 25 years in the United States

US President Donald Trump urges Americans to receive measles vaccines. He talked with reporters at the White House today and said that people "must get their shots" and that vaccinations are "so important". Cases of the disease are the highest that were in the country in the fourth century, sitting on 700 cases, so far this year.

Parents can cause greater damage to the allergic medication

The controversial remedy for treating peanut allergies can be uncovered. There are studies that suggest that the condition can be changed by exposure to children until a gradual increase in peanut doses. Researchers at McMaster University said they actually triple the chance of a person having a serious allergic reaction.