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"SpaceX" of Elon Musk can launch "Test Hopper" – a prototype for the Giant Marathon rocket – for the first time this week, Business Insider

SpaceX workers index the lower part of Test Hooper to the launch pad near Boca Chica Beach, Texas, on March 8, 2019.

SpaceX workers index the lower part of Test Hooper to the launch pad near Boca Chica Beach, Texas, on March 8, 2019.
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  • SpaceX has built a rocket stainless steel rocket at its launch site near Boca Chica Beach, located in the south of Texas.
  • "Test Hopper" is the first, though only partially functional, the prototype of Starship: the launch system that Space Founder Elon Mash hopes to use to send people to Mars.
  • A sheriff sent a notice of closing a road to residents on Friday, according to a source living near Boca Chica Beach. The document warned local residents that SpaceX will "conduct testing" as soon as Monday, March 18th.
  • SpaceX previously said his Hopper test "will be tied during initial testing" and that each of its "hops" – short vertical takeoffs and landings – will not be visible "offsite."
  • One resident reported that he had not received the notification. The person also claims that SpaceX has promised a schedule for launch activities, but has yet to provide.

SpaceX, an airline founded by Elon Mask, led by Gwin Sitwell, will test its first prototype rocket designed to send people to Mars, according to a document reviewed by Business Insider.

SpaceX may begin to fire its prototype Test Hopper as soon as Monday, according to information, packed in mailboxes of some residents near the Boca Chica beach, which is at the southern tip of Texas.

SpaceX began building its launch site at Boca Chica in 2014 for Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy missiles. However, Musk said in early 2018 that Boca Chica "will be committed to" the new Mars vehicle, called Starship.

On March 8, SpaceX recorded the lower part of her test-Hopper, with a mirror, until the launch in Boca Chica. Shortly thereafter, engineers joined a Raptor truck-sized rocket engine-the newest and most powerful SpaceX ever developed-to the base of the vehicle.

A Hopper test can not appear in space, but the trial will be essential hardware and ideas that SpaceX needs to create a starry in full (formerly known as the Big Falcon Rocket).

From left to right: Illustration of SpaceX

From left to right: Illustration of SpaceX's "test bunker", a stellar ship, its booster, a Falcon 9 rocket and an integrated star launch system.
© Kimi Talvitie

If it's fully realized, the starry can stand about 400 feet, be completely reusable and use a "atmospheric re-entry system." And if the system's "aspirational" dreams come true, the stars can reach an orbit in 2020, send their first crew around the moon in 2023, and launch the first humans to Mars in 2024. In the end, they can ship up to 100 people and 150 tons of cargo at the same time on the red planet.

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But, first, SpaceX should prove the basic concept behind the work of Starship with its Hopper test.

The company's comments, as well as the notice reportedly handed over to some Boca Chica residents, suggest that SpaceX will try the first integrated tester Hopper engine on Monday, followed by the test of the "hop" test soon afterwards.

Why key tests of "Test Hopper" are inevitable

Test Hopper - the prototype of the star system SpaceX - stands with its nosecone collected at the company's launch in Boca Chica, Texas. "Class =" bi_image size-medium wp-image-1813181 "bisrc =" https: //static.businessinsider.com / image / 5c65821b26289876e434ece6.png

Test Hopper – the prototype of the StarX system of SpaceX – stands with its noseconid made up of the company's launch in Boca Chica, Texas.
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Hooper test can not fly into orbit around the Earth. It is a relatively crude and squatted machine, with a lower section high about 60 feet. The missile ship is designed to fly short hops, which have no more than 16,400 feet in the air, according to the application of the Federal Communications Commission.

In January, Musk said his company would build a higher version with "orbit"around June" and that there will be a missile ship "Thick skin (not to wrinkle) and a slightly twisting part of the nose." But the time frame is now uncertain, however, as Texas winds penetrate and damage the nose of the Hooper test in February. Musk said that the day of the incident would take several weeks to fix the nose.

Nosecone or not, SpaceX is moving forward with the earliest test runs on his Hopper test on the beach launch pad.

"SpaceX will conduct checks on newly installed systems for the country and will perform a brief static fire test in the days to follow," a SpaceX Business Insider representative told e-mail last week.

"Static fire" ignited rocket motors to ensure that the work, but the vehicle on which it is included – in this case Test Hopper – keeps down to avoid abolishing the ground. Such tests help engineers find and solve problems before they try to launch it seriously.

"Although the prototype is designed to perform sub-orbital flights or hops powered by the SpaceX Raptor, the vehicle will be attached during the initial testing, and the hops will not be visible from the offsite," the company's representative added. "SpaceX will establish a security zone perimeter in coordination with local application and will be set up to alert the community before testing."

A local sheriff delivered a warning about the test of residents before the weekend, according to a person familiar with the situation.

That notification, for which Business Insider got a photo, said:


"SpaceX plans to conduct testing as soon as Sunday on March 18, 2019, at the site of the company located near Boca Chica Beach, Cameron County, Texas. During these tests, SpaceX will establish a perimeter for a security zone in coordination with local implementation Signage will be set before testing to warn the community of temporarily closing Highway 4 and the Boca Chica beach.

"Residents of the village Boca Chica will have access to their homes during the testing".

The printed notice also included a labeled Google Map, reproduced below, and the following text that will accompany it:

"[T]Temporary checkpoints on the highway will be established 4. Individuals who provide proof of stay between the two checkpoints will be able to continue through a soft checkpoint. Access outside a hard checkpoint will not be allowed during temporary closures. "

Map showing the planned roads of Cameron County in Boca Chica, Texas, starting March 18, 2019. image / 5c8dd00f6123ca74cc12ed82.jpg

Map showing the planned roads of Cameron County in Boca Chica, Texas, starting on Sunday, March 18, 2019.
Google Maps; Business insider

"We deserve that civility"

The hard checkpoint is located about 1.5 miles west of the SpaceX launch pad, as well as the easternest homes in the village of Boca Chica.

By comparison, the Kennedy Space Center in Florida allows visitors to witness the launch of an activity no closer than 3 miles away from the most famous launch pad.

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A resident of the Boca Chica village community, who asked not to be named, told Business Insider that the sheriff never delivered a notice to their home. The resident also said that the SpaceX representative had previously committed to providing schedules for started, but has yet to do so. "We deserve that kindness" from SpaceX, said the resident, considering it extremely close to the site of launching the site.

Even Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino did not know the nature or timing of SpaceX testing plans when he approved the closure on Thursday.

"It's exciting and we know we are moving closer to that first test, or whatever we do," said Trevigio, according to Brownsville. "We love all the best of happiness and we are excited."

SpaceX did not immediately respond to Business Insider questions about the size of the security perimeter and the potential risks posed by residents of static fires and hops. The company filed the required environmental impact reports in May 2014, which discussed launching risks and safety precautions, but these documents did not describe the Test Hopper-like test program, nor did they launch extremely large vehicles that are capable of using Mars.

But for its part, Moscow has at least a bold possibility for years.

"It may well be that the first person going to another planet will leave this site," he said during a ceremony in September 2014.

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