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South Africa fails to enter gold immigration

South Africa treats all foreigners with suspicion, making visa, residence and citizenship applications a complex nightmare that deters foreigners, despite the fact that many would like to invest and
live in South Africa. I get numerous inquiries from wealthy people looking to buy leisure property, and from qualified people who want to operate or open businesses in the country. For every foreigner investing in a vacation, wine farm or safari, and every qualified entrepreneur setting up a shop in South Africa, we see a multitude of jobs and much needed tax revenue

However, South Africa persists in closing its borders. Ministry of Interior processes have been delayed. Its officials conduct internal policies regarding the laws of the land and wrong
Application refusal results in long and expensive legal battles for applicants. Combining these problems, the Critical Skills List looks set to omit labels such as company general managers and
financial investment advisers, excluding highly qualified applicants in the field of business development and finance.

De Saud Lawyers was among the members of the multi-tasking task force that recently made recommendations at a meeting with the acting dean. Director General of the Department of the Interior and other officials for
question of scarce skills.

Our recommendations were well received. But some of our recommendations for boosting foreign investment will require ransom from other government departments. For example, our recommendation to reduce R5
the millions of foreign operating capital needed to start a business will require a decision by the commerce and industry department.

But the success of any new law – or efforts to attract foreign investment – will depend on how they are implemented.

This is where the real challenge lies: home officials are well known for their tendency to delay, resume applications or make decisions that do not comply with the letter and intent of the relevant

They should act with due respect for the law, for their constitutional obligations, for immigration law, for human rights and in the best interest of the country, to attract foreign skills and
investment and support of the government's economic development goals.

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