Saturday , April 17 2021

Ronnie O'Sullivan blames the mental health problems of snooker

O'Sullivan told the BBC: "Do not tell me the result of Simon Mundy:" Snooker is a really tough sport, and if I had time again, I would definitely not choose snooker as a sport to go on. Many people have said for years, he is up and down, he is unstable, and I am not. I always call it "snooker depression". "

Ronnie claims that his desire to win has led to an unhealthy connection to the game when he grew up: "Playing, competing and enjoying was not enough. I had to win."

Ronnie accuses Snooker of having resulted in prescribed antidepressants before the 2001 Snooker World Cup in Sheffield, saying: "If I do not play snooker, I will never have to take any medication."

He recalls a radio interview before a tournament that had to be interrupted after a series of panic attacks and immediate consequences.

"I was in my hotel room at Hilton in Sheffield, I dropped the phone and just lay down on the bed and I just phoned the Samaritans.

"I was nine, ten months clear of Priori, I had my best snooker season so far; I got six out of 11 events. If you had to establish success on the outside, it was the most successful season ever any snooker player.

"Even the winning tournaments do not solve my problems, what is it, why do I feel like this?

Ronnie O'Sullivan

It is said that Ronnie O'Sullivan won over £ 10m for the prize money

"I have these episodes where I will just disappear, I will run away and people will think that he has dishonorable, it's just that I can not deal sometimes, it's not that I can not deal with a snooker, but only I can" sometimes deal with normal life ".

Describing the effect of antidepressants on him, O'Sullivan said: "Within an hour and a half, the drugs entered me, relaxed me, I took anxiety. I can go and have coffee, I sit in the cafe.

"I found myself in a state of panic, I took this tablet, and I just slowed down everything.

"If someone came in and asked for my autograph, I would just freeze, and I just thought I could not be like that, I do not want to be like that."

Ronnie claims that running helped him in his mental health and put his 10km personal best as the greatest achievement, even before his five World Cup titles in Snooker.

"I came to 180th place in the Cross of South England, nine miles above Parliament Hill, 34 minutes of the French race in France, all of which are my most successful achievements, because not many people know about it.

"I had a ten to twelve-year period where I was dependent on running. Many other problems that I did not have to worry about if I ran, kept me straight and narrow."

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