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Review of the British study Reduced strength of coronavirus antibodies – health and safety at work

Overview of British research Reduced strength of coronavirus antibodies

Overview of British research Reduced strength of coronavirus antibodies

A British study launched in June found that KOVID-19 antibodies did not have a lasting effect on immunity.

A study published Monday by Imperial College London found that coronavirus immunity was declining, according to CNN.

The study included sending over 365,000 home finger prick tests to people in England at 12, 18 and 24 months. The results revealed a more than 26% drop in coronavirus antibodies over a three-month period. When the study began in June, 6% of those surveyed had antibodies, but in September only 4.4% of people.

This information comes after the United States experienced a new peak in the KOVID-19 cases last week.

“At least in this case, this virus works as we can predict, which is a good thing because everything about this virus is so far from the wall,” said Dr. Claudia Hoyen, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Cleveland University Hospitals.

Experts who worked on the study say this proves that immunity to the coronavirus decreases over a period of six to 12 months.

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