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PS Plus free PS4 games for February 2019, including for Honest and Hitman

PS Plus games for February 2019 are on their way, giving members of the PlayStation online subscription to access a new series of PS4 download titles for the big price of zero pounds.

Rejecting things is For Honor, Ubisoft is the 2017 third person fighting game tune that plays as a viking, a samurai or a knight in epic battles against rival armies or other players. Each group contains different classes to play as, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Fighting mechanisms are slightly more involved with a typical hacking and mowing title, with your positioning and an attack angle that plays a big role, as well as blocking, paralyzing and turning over your enemy.

There's a one-player campaign to help you learn the mechanics, but For Honor's basic attraction lies in her multiplayer. The usual death-control matches and the zone are accompanied by a regime of factional war, a permanent online conflict where players fight on behalf of their faction to secure territory and earn new equipment.

Knives of glory in honor

The other free PS4 game in February is Hitman: The full first season, a 2016 installment of the franchisee of the EB Interactive with the same name. Although it had an episodic format when it was first released, it merges all levels into one package.

The assassin of the contract, Agent 47, stood on another international assassin, taking him from Paris to Hokkaido. Each level is a composite designed sand that allows you to access the hit whatever you want.

For Honesty and Hitman will be able to get down to March 5th.

Fortune favors balman in Hitman

PS3 and PS Vita owners get some good news and bad news this month. The good news is that the high-concept combat game Divekick (PS3, Vita), Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3), Tower Defense Gunhouse and 2D air combat game Rogue Aces (both the Vita and Crossbus with PS4) are released from January 5 to 8 March.

The bad news is that after this date Sony will stop to include PS3 and Vita titles in the PS Plus free monthly promotion of games. Given the lack of PS4 compatibility backwards and the likelihood that most people are putting their PlayStation 3s in favor of the current generating machine, it was pretty inevitable, but if you have not yet made a leap to PS4 then this is your last chance to grab few free.

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