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Power Check: Google makes it easy to monitor the battery life of Android's wireless headphones

SAN FRANCISCO: Google aims to ease the battery life of the wireless earbuds in Android with the next major upgrade to the Bluetooth Fast Pair feature.

The browser giant adds a new interface in Android Q for managing high-pair headphones with device management features, Google Assistant settings, battery information, and third-party application connections in one place, Verger announced on Friday.

In October 2017, Google launched the Fast Pair technology to compete with the fast connection of Apple's AirPods. Google technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy and Android phone location to automatically detect Bluetooth accessories nearby and then automatically connect to the touch.

As part of the main upgrade feature, the search engine giant plans to add deeper support for genuine wireless headphones.

Fast-pair headphones could eventually show individual battery life data for the case and each ear pad independently, as well as displaying that information when opening or closing the case.

In addition, to offer an option to discover or call the missing buds, the updated quick-pair headphones will also appear in Google's "Find My Device" application, the report said.

Google spokeswoman confirmed that the new features will reach all high-speed headphones, including Google Pixel Buds, QuietComfort 35 II, JBL Live 220BT, 400BT and other existing headphones.

Without revealing more details, the company announced that the update of Fast Pair will arrive "later this year," the report said.

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