Tuesday , August 3 2021

Ozvard Boateng celebrates 100 years of Harlem renaissance in fashion show "Black Africa"

Leave it to the black community to know how to represent and celebrate their own, if nobody would, and the globally acclaimed Ghanaian-British designer Ozwald Boateng just did things to a higher level, showing people in the fashion scene as it really is done.

Photo – Oswald Boateng Instagram

The officer of the Best Order of the British Empire on Friday brought the black culture at Apollo Theater, New York, with his fashion show of an African woman worn for wear.

The show, which is the first of many, is part of several events taking place throughout Harlem and the rest of New York between 2018 and 2020 to mark the centenary of the Harlem Renaissance.


Marking 100 years from its inception, Harlem's renaissance, spanning between 1918 and 1937, saw the birth of African-American popular culture as a global phenomenon.

Photo-Oswald Boateng Instagram

The much talked about the fashion show had a whole-red line of models and a collection of women's clothing that spans West African and other parts of urban culture in Africa, as well as the black culture that developed during the Renaissance of Haarlem.

Photo-Jidena IG

Through his collection, Ozwald Boateng skillfully shows the similarities between blacks in Africa and in the diaspora through the clothes they wear in modern times.

Jo-Annie Johnson. Photo-Vogue

The fashion path was honored with names such as the 67-year-old model Jo-Annie Johnson, who opened the show, Jidena and Michael K. Williams. There was also only black music from the legendary Fela Kuti to the Prince.

Best known for its designer is tailored men's suits, branching in clothing with touch of African descent, as well as women's clothing, is a new territory for Boating. However, an experienced designer brought a "authentic identity" to the full display, both in words and in his new collection.


Speaking on CNN after the show, he said: "We live in a time when authentic identity becomes a key part of who we are and the journey to which we are." My journey continues with work with the British Airways on the new uniform, something that I am proud and excited to share the next with the world. "

Several black people, including Idris Elba, James Fox and Malik Yoba, attended the show.

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