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Opposition leaders in Chad condemned Israeli rapprochement with Idriz Debi Israel News

Opposition leaders and civil society groups in Chad denounced Central African President Idris Debbie for visiting Israel earlier this week and his intention to establish diplomatic relations with her.

Political and civil leaders said Chad should not renew diplomatic ties with Israel until it continues to occupy Palestinian territories and in the absence of a collective decision by African countries to establish relations.

Debbie became the first leader of the majority of Muslim nations who visited Jerusalem for decades, which according to Chad's analysts came as a crown in intelligence and military ties between the Debye and Israel government.

Fadol Abderajha of Al Jazeera, reporting from the capital of N'Jemena, said the majority of Chad's political institutions suspect that Debbie's motive to restore ties with Israel is to keep control of the country using Israeli military and intelligence assistance.

Chad broke ties with Israel in 1972, after the Organization for African Unity, the forerunner of the current African Union, decided to allow its member states to end diplomatic ties with Israel in solidarity with the Palestinians.

The Union of Civil Associations of Chad for Jerusalem, a group of 22 civil society organizations, issued a statement denouncing Debbie's visit to Israel.

"We strongly condemn the visit of the president of the Zionist entity," the statement said.

"Through this statement, we sent an apology for the benefit of the people of Chad, arguing that the president's visit does not represent us because he will not change the support of our people for the Palestinian cause," the statement added.

Opposition leader Mahatma Ahmad Alaho, the head of the Freedom and Development Party, opposed the rapprochement, saying that without an African consensus, Chad should not renew ties with Israel.

Alhabo said Debbie had not informed Chad people of his visit to Israel, adding that the Chadians learned about it through Israeli media.

Mahamat-Ahmad Alhabo [Al Jazeera]

"Israel only takes care of its own interests and intends to use Chad as a Trojan horse through which it can use it as an advanced base to establish links with other African nations," Alabao added.

"Chad should continue its ties with Israel after it ceases its aggression against the Palestinians and end its unlawful occupation of Palestinian lands, especially the Muslim holy places in Jerusalem," he said.

Israel's Prime Minister's Cabinet said in a statement Tuesday that Netanyahu will visit Chad soon and will formally establish diplomatic relations between the two countries.

But for Abu Bakr Youssef Zayed, a former deputy mayor of N'Djamena and a member of the ruling party during the 70s, told Al Jazeera that Chad should not think about his religious or cultural background when debating his ties with Israel .

"Chad has benefited from having connections with Israel, especially after Israel has many advanced military and intelligence capabilities," he said.

Israeli vision for Africa

Themis Fakuda, an elderly researcher at the Al Jazeera Studies Center and an expert on Central Africa, said Israel is making great efforts on the continent and is making significant efforts to gain the support of African nations, especially in East Africa.

Arab countries ignored Africa and left it to Israel to establish its presence that was once the basis for supporting Arab reasons on the international scene, Kakuda said.

Mr Flakuda added that while African leaders benefit from access to Israeli intelligence and military training, Israel, on the other hand, has eyes on a larger strategic goal.

Israel aims to change the UN's equation and legitimize its policies on occupied Palestinian territories in the eyes of the world.

Themisa Fakuda, an expert from Africa

"The main goal of Israel's push to Africa is to increase its figures when it comes to votes in UN organizations, such as the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council." African states tend to support the Palestinians and condemn Israeli actions "he said.

He argues that since Israel sees its efforts in Africa, the results of the UN vote will eventually change to show Israel that it is more accepted by the international community.

"Israel aims to change the UN's equation and legitimize its policies on occupied Palestinian territories in the eyes of the world," Kafada added.

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