Friday , April 16 2021

Nintendo Switch Online brings up to 10 million users

Nintendo Switch Online almost reached 10 million users, according to the financial statement released by the company on Friday, April 26th.

It's a pretty significant amount considering the service that started less than a year ago, and when compared with the sales number of the 35 million units, it means that almost one Swift owner subscribes to the service.

As you would expect to become a new service in its first year, Nintendo Switch Online still lags behind two other console-based consoles – Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus – with 50 million and 26 million users, respectively. Of great importance, both services had years to reach their current state.

While Nintendo Switch Online will not have the same number of users as Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo's service has a serious price advantage: Nintendo Switch Online costs only $ 20 a year, compared to $ 60, AU $ 80) price tags on the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold.

In the same report, Nintendo also gave shareholders a brief glimpse of what is behind the system, citing Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: the release of VR Kit in April, June release date in Super Mario Maker 2 and Fire Emblem: the following major launch of the company.

Last but not least, Nintendo told shareholders to expect Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda: Awakening of a Link to come to a point later this year – all titles are eagerly awaited by fans .

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