Tuesday , October 26 2021

News from Chelsea: Maurizio Sarri reveals that he must thank the Chelsea bosses for one reason Football Sport


Sarri became the first Premier League boss who failed in his first 12 meetings after a goalless draw with Everton at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea was impressive under Sarri, and yesterday would have taken first place with three points.

But now they are sitting four points behind Manchester City and two behind Liverpool entering the international break.

Sarri's methods became smooth despite last year's struggles led by Antonio Conte.

And Italy admits that he is delighted with the record, but points to the setting in the club for allowing him to achieve this.

"What can I say based on the records? I am very proud," he said.

"I have to thank the club because they gave me a very good team.

"I have to tell you, my players, and my employees, but today I would prefer three points to the record."

Chelsea could not break the stubborn side of Everton, and Sarri thinks they are too slow to build them.

"To be honest, I really did not like the first 25 minutes," said Sarri.

"Like the Crystal Palace, we started the game very slowly, so it was not dangerous and easy for us to defend.

"Then we played a good match in the last half of the first half and for 40 minutes in the second half.

"We were a little unlucky, of course I'm not happy, but we're going the right way."

And he admits that they did not have a ruthless attack because Alvaro Morata did not manage to sparkle.

"I do not know. Usually yes," he said, he asked if Chelsea was good enough before the goal.

"Not in the last three games because, as I told my players, we've created several goals in terms of how much we played, so maybe that's a small problem right now.

"We have to be careful because in the last three games you're right.

"I think we played very well today for 65 minutes, maybe during this period we can not create what we played.

"For example, in the last match in the Europa League we played 81 balls in the BATE field, but we only created four chances and I think we can do better, but we play very well, just not at the beginning."

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