Thursday , April 22 2021

Netflix tests intragramming style, including trailers

Netflix is ​​in the middle of testing a new feature for its mobile application that includes Instagram's built-in style of new trailers, photos and notifications for new shows.

Variety reports that Netflix turns this feature, known as "Extras", to the selected Netflix user group.

In the application, a new button appears that allows viewers to move through the built-in style in Instagram, with automatic playback of trailers, pictorial galleries and recommendations based on your taste and viewing history.

A spokeswoman for the company told Sorttaet:

"We are testing video food supplements in our mobile application to help fans connect deeper with the titles they love and discover new ones to watch. These tests usually vary for longer and by region and may not become lasting" .

JANKO ROETTGERS / VARIETYNetflix tests intragramming style, including trailers and multiple images 2

This is not the first time a company has been able to test new features. Earlier this year, a new mix of certain television shows appeared on the service. This system offers users the opportunity to "play a popular episode" and encourage the discovery of new shows and watching favorite episodes of fans.

Netflix is ​​constantly striving to improve the user experience. In 2018, it introduced mobile previews – Instagram Stories Instagram Stag Instagram. Then, in early 2019, users gave them the opportunity to share their favorite shows with Instagram Stories to highlight what they see with friends and followers.

This new test runs on Android and iOS devices, but it's unclear whether it will turn to all or when it can happen.

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