Sunday , May 16 2021

Neanderthals throw huge super-spears that could kill a 65-foot animal animal, scientists reveal

Neanderthals killed their booty by launching huge lances of 65 meters, according to scientists.

Earlier it was believed that caves only used spears to stab and jump instead of throwing – but fragments from the spearheads of the spear proved to be used for killing from a distance.

    Caves used long killing spears


Caves used long killing spears

Using punctuated replicas of spears designed 300,000 years ago, sprayers can reach a target of up to 65ft (20m).

This was a double distance from experts who believed the Shingingen spear could be thrown.

This means that the weapon was skillfully designed to be aerodynamic, which means that Neanderthals were more technologically advanced than previously thought.

With the spear it was possible to break through the entire practice with enough force to kill an animal.

Dr Annemieke Milks, from the University College London Institute of Archeology, said: "This study is important, because it adds to the growing number of evidence that Neanderthals were a technological tactic.

"They had the ability to hunt a big game through different hunting strategies, not just risky close encounters.

"It contributes to the revised views of the Neanderthals as our clever and capable cousins."

Schoningen's spears are a set of ten prehistoric javalins discovered in the 1990s.

    They could fly over 20 meters

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They could fly over 20 meters
    They could strike targets with enough force to kill him

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They could strike targets with enough force to kill him

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