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Eddie Chimami and Elina Mhlanga
Minister of Culture, Sports, Art and Recreation, Kirsty Coventry, says he is excited about the potential he has seen in cricket in the country after Zimbabwe's performance in the recent Test against Bangladesh series.

The swimming icon yesterday visited the chevrons at the Harare Sports Club, where he asked the team to continue working hard on their series 1-1 against Bangladesh.

Coventry previously visited the Zimbabwe netball net, located in the camp of the Technical College College in Belvedere, prior to their trip to South Africa for the Diamond Challenge Challenge and followed their training session.

She vowed to support the ministry's support for a senior non-Barbarous team to mark its debut appearance at the World Cup next year in Liverpool, England.

The diamond challenge is scheduled for November 27 to December 1.

Addressing the players, Coventry applauded them to make it to the global event and wished them the best in their upcoming tasks, with a diamond challenge immediately.

The minister was also frustrated by Chevron's resurgence.

Zimbabwe had a particularly difficult year, but their test results against Bangladesh rocked some spirits home.

The Chevrons, who last triumphed home in Pakistan against 2015, won their first test match in 17 years, when they beat Bangladesh with 151 goals.

However, they lost the second race with 218 races to level the series.

"I was so excited that I welcomed them home. We are so proud that they raised our flag extremely high." I am very excited about the future and where they are going;

"To see the reaction from the earth when it did so well, it was also a good sign that we would stand side by side with them and we will have faith in them and we will know that they can go through a little rough oath and still go out at the top and I think it's so exciting and I'm really proud of this team for what I could do, and we saw them going from strength to strength.

"I think it's just the beginning. They just have to stay focused, they need to keep working hard," Coventry said.

"I do not know if the guys really understand the excitement and pride that everyone feels when you win there. I know it's something that I do not quite understand when, well, my parents will come back and ask me how I feel. I would just say that I'm cool. Not until I come home to see that it's really amazing.

"What you did, everyone on the radio talked about it, the newspapers and the new stations were really good to see you. That's what you need to keep on fighting for and you guys are just the beginning. It's exciting to be there and I hope walking together with you guys and supporting you.

"Please, know this as athletes, I think it's the first thing I told the board of the AC and other associations that you are my priority and if something affects the players, questions will need to be asked, it will be pressed and we will have the pressure to protect our athletes. I know from experience that you need to come first. "My door is always open, Hamilton (Masakada) has my number," says Coventry.

Zimbabwe will begin the home season on December 1st with their next international assignment scheduled for March next year, when it hosts India.

ZK president Tavengwa Mukhukhlani said that the Chevronians had shown a positive development in their final run, winning in Bangladesh, a difficult place for many teams.

He was, however, worried by the lack of time for the game, as the Chevrins returned to the Bangladesh Testing Action after an 11-month break. He said there are ongoing efforts to find bilateral tours between now and much to help the team active.

In a speech to netball players, Coventry thanked them for making it to the global event and wishing them the best in their upcoming tasks, with the diamond challenge immediately.

"Well, I just wanted to come and see guys … We're so proud of you guys for qualifications for the next year (World Cup), to work hard as you are right now." You are an inspiration for many young girls.

"So continue with hard work and we will be together with you to support you and we are very proud of you.

"It is a really good thing for Zimbabwe. I hope the guys felt the energy and excitement of a bit of people," said Coventry.

Zimbabwe will be among 16 countries that will fight for the world title next year after they reserve their place for the global show of joint African

World Cup qualifiers and qualifications held in August in Zambia.

Speaking on the sidelines of her visit, Coventry said they are hoping for long-term solutions to challenges that haunt the disputed brotherhood over the years.

Among the main challenges is the lack of resources and funding.

"So, I think there is a whole list of different ideas that we are trying to get out of. I think it's on the board with some of the federations we talked to, some of the athletes, even the artists.

"It will not be one size suited to everyone, we will have to make a different approach to each situation, but the goal for me is that it is not just finding a solution today, but we come up with a solution that will be long-term and sustainable , which I think is more important, because our athletes need sustainability.

"Much of this will have to go down to the strong planning of the strategy. We will have to come to good talks and restore our confidence in the corporate world as a sport." I think many corporations have lost their faith in our sport for many different reasons.

"And now it's up to us to work hard to re-engage and get that confidence back. But, I think we can. I know we have talent to do it, and now it's just to put it into practice, said Coventry.

The stones continued to distort the chances and feel in their presence. Some of their achievements include the title of the African Championship they won in 2015. "We are aware (of the challenges). We already had several meetings with the netball president and she gave us a complete run on everything and it was amazing. There are so many people from private companies, corporations, people abroad who just want to help and are so proud of the team.

"And I hope that some of those challenges can be alleviated in the next few weeks to months," Coventry said.

The deputy captain of the team, Rudo Karumi, said he was excited by the minister's visit and hoped for positive changes in the future. "We are very happy not to visit the minister. This is the first time that we have a minister who comes to see how we are preparing for the Diamond Challenge, except that next year we will go to the World Cup.

"We hope her arrival will bring some positives, things will begin to flow, and we hope that we will not face many challenges as before," Karame said.

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