Sunday , April 18 2021

Metro manager fired on charges of denying black teenage work for race

Houston (CTC / CNN) – An underground train operator in Houston, whose text messages found that she may have turned down an applicant for teenage work due to the color of her skin, is out of work.

A friend employed in the subway store sent Katelyn Simmons a text messaging screen with his boss for her job application. (Source: KTRK / Timika Simmons / CNN)

Katellin Simons intended to spend her summer vacation with work and earning money before the older year, but when she applied to work in the subway restaurant, she was rejected.

A shop-worker friend sent Katelyn Simmons a message text message screen with her boss for her application.

In it, the manager asks what the applicant looks like, and the employee answered: "Black girl long dark hair."

"Oh no, thank you," said the manager. "I do not want those people in our store lol."

Katelyn Simons says she was deeply hurt by the conversation. She showed her mother, Timika Simmons, who contacted the subway.

Panorama says the manager has been fired since then.

"The former manager's actions do not reflect the openness and values ​​displayed by the owners of the subway and their subway franchise. The subway brand and its independent franchise owner are inclusive and welcome all individuals to be part of the crews of the subway "the statement said.

Katlin Simons shared the post in social media and received several job offers, including one from Essex McNeal, owner of a hydration clinic called Quench IV Studio.

A teenager is expected to start working at the clinic in the coming days.

"Not everyone does not mean a permanent No. Continue pushing forward. Just focus on the next" Yes "that will come to you at the end," said McNeal.

Timika Simons says that despite the positive end of the story, she and her daughter can take legal action.

"I do not like this in the back of my head, and I do not know what you can do to change it, because I believe there may be some hesitation when going to certain jobs or not getting a job," said Timika Simmons.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the United States says such accusations are taken seriously and encourages victims to report such an incident.

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