Saturday , June 12 2021

Mapeza supports Warriors – NewsDay Zimbabwe

The two best teams from each group qualify for the final.

The warriors had a relatively easy ride when both teams met for the first time, and the captain of "Musona" scored a hat-trick, but they will find a Sunday draw against the team that generally performs well at home.

In the last qualifiers, Liberia wins over Djibouti and Tunisia in their own yard, while they played a 2-2 draw against Togo, but two defeats away from home prevented them from reaching Gabon in 2017, in which the Warriors took part. .

So far, in the qualifying rounds in 2019, Liberia managed to score four points out of the possible six, and they will see a chance to return to competition for a seat at next year's finals.

Warriors will try to put a difficult week behind them, in which due to delays in securing funding, the right trainings begin today because players have grouped themselves only late.

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