Friday , April 16 2021

Lucara Diamand finds another big diamond in the Caroeye mine in Botswana

VANCOUVER – Lucara Diamond Corp. said it found a 1.588 carat diamond in its Karowe diamond mine located in Botswana.

The company says it is one of the largest diamonds ever found and the largest diamond to be mined in Carrow so far.

Lucara's chief executive, Eira Thomas, says that Karoe mine has now produced two diamonds of more than 1,000 carats in four years.

The latest discovery weighs approximately 352 grams and measures 83 millimeters for 62 millimeters for 46 millimeters.

The company says the diamond is characterized as "near a gem of variable quality, including domains with high quality white diamond".

Lucara found a diamond of a diamond of 1,111 carats in the Carroe mine in 2015.

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