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Little Mix Is RANCHIEST Video Yet – Lee-Anne straddles Andre Gray as Jesy Rolls With Model

A little mix is ​​not unknown to light the flesh – but it looks like waking their minds to their fans with the video of their brand new upcoming single Think of About Us.

Fourth – Jesse Nelson, Perry Edwards, Lee-Anne Pino and Jade Tirwell – dropped innings that were screened wrapped around male models who embraced the bare heads and walked through the meadows in lingerie.

In a teaser, Leigh-Anne gropes her real-life boyfriend Andre Gray, as they pair a lounge on a motorcycle.

Wearing a solid black leather with no frowning choices and leather trousers of yellow leather trousers, Lee-Anne threw her arms over the back of the player and bare shoulders while carefully watching the camera.

Lee-Ann transferred her boyfriend to the video

She is getting acquainted with Andre Gray from 2016

An incredible video shows how to simulate bicycle sex

Announcing the Instagram short video clip, 27-year-old Li-Anne wrote: "How I got @andregray_ to tell me the new video."

Jesse, 27, makes some manjadling, wrapping her arms around a colorless piece and fastening her head to her neck as she enters his lap, while fastens it.

In the clip clip, Yessi wears a light red halterneck top that cuts far from the back, connected with high-waisted jeans to show her salad finished ass.

Asi puts his hands around a warm male model

She clasps her back while she gets stuck in her lap

Perry, meanwhile, wears a white earring and proudly flashes her stomach scar in the hot video.

Looking directly into the camera, the 25-year-old Newcastle sings in a meadow in her underwear, as delicate butterflies land in her blond hair.

And raising the back part – in more ways than one – is Jade, who must fight through the snowy country in her white bra and the long Tartan skirts to sing her verses.

Perry flashes her split in the meadow

She wears a dazzling bra in the injection clip

The former star of the X Factor produces vibrations with the E17-with-a-twist while struggling with a fake snowstorm with a white coated jacket hanging his shoulders, her brunette locks styled loose with a wave.

It's not the first time a girl struck headlines with their incredible performances.

Pearce Morgan exhibited the Small Mix in November last year for "using sex" to switch their albums after they became naked to celebrate the release of the LM5.

Little Mix took off in 2018

"Why do not we stop pretending to get the set up is the strengthening of feminism? They all make millions and billions of dollars for the world," he said in the "Good Morning" Britain.

"What is the strengthening of this? Take your kit, the instrument yourself in just a few centimeters of your life."

But the girls returned to Pierce, and Isei called it "silly t ** t" in Radio 1.

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