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Kylie and – Lo can not sing

Mutya Buena says Kylie Minogue can't sing (Photo: Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images)
Mutya Buena says Kylie Minogue can’t sing (Photo: Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images)

Shugababes member Mutya Buena has launched a scathing attack on the stars, including Kylie Minogue, Ennifer Lopez and Nicole Scherzinger, claiming they can not sing.

Buena, a founding member of Sugababes, who has undergone a number of lineup changes, has not retained anything in her voice about what she sees as a lack of talent among some of the biggest names in the music industry.

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Lying on Kylie Minogue on Instagram live, she said: “I do not think she is a singer – she is a great entertainer, she is amazing in what she does, but singing is not for her.

“If she gave me a song by Kylie Minogue, other than specifically for you, what other song does she have?” I can not get you out of my head? You can sing it drunk, and so can I.

“I do not think I have ever bought a song by Kylie Minogue in my life and I do not think I would ever buy it.”

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Moving to Ennifer Lopez, she said: “J-Lo, you can only shake the crack ***. Let’s be honest, J-Lo, she can’t sing.

“I am not rude. She is an amazing performer, sexy as hell and looks great. But I will not tell you that J-Lo can sing. “I’m lying to you.”

Even Lady Gaga did not escape the ruthless criticism of Buena, although at least she admitted that the star can sing.

She said: “Not to be honest a cup of tea. She goes along with the others. Can hit a note, yes, but not for me.

“She should be in a group with J-Lo and a lot of them. “I can not tell you that they are great singers.”

Mutya had harsh words about ennifer Lopez (Photo: Kevin Winter / AMA2020 / Getty Images for dcp)
Mutya had harsh words about ennifer Lopez (Photo: Kevin Winter / AMA2020 / Getty Images for dcp)

Buena also told Nicole Scherzinger “I do not see her as a singer” and said that Eli Goulding’s voice was good, but “somehow irritated me”.

Madonna, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Cheryl’s vocal talents were also singled out by Buena in the conversation, but she said she refused to be cautious in her opinions just because she was in the same industry.

She said: “If you can not sing, you can not sing. “I do not walk around saying I am the best singer, but I know I can sing.”

“But there is nothing wrong with using your body to make up for something you do not have,” she added.

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