Friday , April 16 2021

Japanese space explorer Hayabusa2 makes asteroid crater #AsiaNewsNetwork

At 1.7 km above sea level, Hayabusa2 photographed on Thursday on the surface of Ryugu, on which the researcher knocked out a lump of copper weighing about 2 kilograms.
Comparing this photograph with one of the same area that was taken before the strike, the appearance of a crater with a diameter of 10 meters was confirmed. "This is the largest crater within our expectations," said Professor Koba Masahiko Arakawa, in charge of scientific analysis. Revealed pieces of broken rocks, which flew when a lump struck, were also spotted around the crater. The crater was created 10 to 20 meters from the targeted location, indicating that Hayabusa2 could have removed the copper lump to attack Ryugu with high accuracy.
Yuichi Tsuda, project leader of JAXA Hayabusa2, told a press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday: "We were able to leave Ryugu a sign. I am very happy to be able to jump in. There are dangerous uneven areas, so we will decide [whether to make Hayabusa2 touch down on Ryugu] within one to two months. "
The rocks that were present in the initial state of the solar system about 4.6 billion years ago are exposed to the surface of the crater, and there is a possibility that they remain water and organic materials. They are expected to explain the history of the solar system and asteroids.
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