Tuesday , May 18 2021

Hamilton Seven: Fiji beat Australia to the top of base A on the first day when England stumbled

In the quarter-final lines for Hamilton Seven are set with Fiji, South Africa, the United States and New Zealand all dominate the first day.

The biggest shock on Saturday was the defeat from England by 12-10 defeats by Samoa in pool B, and the loss from the 19-7 US secured that it would fall in the last eight of the Challenge trophy.

Fiji won Australia 26-19 in the heavyweight division to decide on base A, which made three wins of three thanks to the attempts by Sebouni Moenachakigi, Aminasi Touimaba, Kalione Nasoko and Mezulame Kunavula.

Gareth Barber's men had previously been in eight attempts to send Wales 54-7 and crossed five times in a victory over Argentina 33-24.

Australia won Argentina 17-12 in their first game, and then scored four attempts to beat Wales 26-5.

The champion last time in Cape Town, Fiji will face Canada in the quarter-finals of the Cup on Sunday.

South Africa will fight for Samoa, New Zealand will take Australia into an early blockbuster, and the United States will face Scotland.

Finalists in the first two of the 2018-19 series World Series, the United States continued their strong form with a 29-7 victory over Tonga and a 34-14 win against Samoa.

The fighting then accumulated misery for England, with Madison Hughes, Stephen Tomasin and the Carlin Islands who passed in the 19-7 win.

"It was a physical day, that's for sure," said Danny Barrett for the world's rugby seven. "I think we are proud of our own physical ability and we can dominate that part of the game.

"But today is just the beginning. It's one day for a reason, we're knocking out for tomorrow."

Samoa won the Challenge Challenge trophy in Dubai and Cape Town, but will now get a chance to break into the main prize, thanks to a 28-12 victory against Tonga in their last group game.

South Africa kicked off their day with 29-10 victories against Kenya, then defeated France 17-5 and recorded them in the Sun 26-7 at Stuttgart in a game that included a miracle by Orner Kok.

"The stupid mistakes we make will cost us at the end of the day," said Branko Du Priz for the World Rugby Union.

"Werner Kok is a phenomenal player and I think if we continue to support ourselves and have mutual pangs, we can go a long way in this tournament.

"I think we have a solid start, we just have to focus on the little things we want to do and take more control over the game, and then take it from there."

Dubai champions in New Zealand have made eight attempts to break Japan by 52-0 in their first game at pool D and then to sit with seven strikes behind Canada in 49-10, and ended up defeating Spain 24-0.

Sion Molias's final attempt meant that Spain missed out on second place because it made the difference in its difference below with Canada.

In the quarter-final Challenge trophy, Argentina faces Japan, Kenya takes over Tonga, Spain battle Wells and England are against France.

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