Monday , January 25 2021

Google will more closely polish new application developers

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Google said it would take a long time to check out the apps from new developers in the Android app store

Android developers who are new to the Google phone platform could publish their applications late for days as more rigorous checks on coders are made.

Google said it is increasing the checks on the creators of applications they had not previously seen to prevent developers from "bad faith".

These malicious developers often create new accounts to avoid Google checks, says it.

Others hijack existing accounts to exploit the good reputation created by developers.

One of the cyber security companies said it expected the move "to have a positive impact."

"We think that malware authors often change billing information to hide their identity," commented Christie Edwards, a Lookout security company.

She added that one maker of malware found that it used 707 different identification codes to avoid detection.

Data control

"Better" checks will be made to creators of applications that do not have a "track record" with Google, wrote Sameer Samat, Product Manager for Android and Google Play.

Google will have days to examine developers who open new accounts to see if they have links to "bad-intentioned" developers who have a history of malicious and unsafe applications, he said.

It was common to see how developers are trying to "play" Google's systems to overcome existing controls, he said.

Developers of applications who want to abuse the Play Store or malicious applications will block their accounts, he said. People will make final decisions on blocks and suspensions.

"More control"

Looking closer to the developers, follow other changes made by Google to its policies that forced the creators of the apps to discover the data they want to collect and restrict access to some of the phone features.

She also insisted that application creators ensure that their programs do not work with some of the older, unreliable versions of Android. Currently, application manufacturers do not need to work on Android 9 phones, which was released in August 2018 or below.

In addition, said Google in a separate statement, the extra checks will help limit the misuse of personal information people handing out applications.

"Users want greater control and transparency in terms of how their personal information is being used by applications, and Android is expected as a platform to do more to ensure control and transparency," she told the BBC.

The increased surveillance of developers was part of the "comprehensive look" that the Android platform and policies have made, he added.

Changes to Google developers come just before their annual IO Developer Conference to be held on May 7th.

A new pixel phone is expected at the conference.

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