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"Game for Peace" changes are being prepared by "PUBG Mobile" players · TechNode

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Tencent's "Game for Peace" promotion screen shot. (Image Credit: TechNode)

Players are not happy with the changes Tencent made in Game for Peace, the patriotic replacement of PUBG Mobile on the Chinese market, criticizing the social media game and app stores.

Game for Peace, which officially replaced PUBG Mobile on Wednesday afternoon, retained the basic mechanisms of its predecessor, but altered the numerous details to make it more practical.

The history of the story was shifted from a battle to the battle, where up to 100 players dispersed for weapons and equipment and fought against others on the island, until there was only one left attitude, until a counter-terrorism counter-terrorism match that was "open to tourists from around the world. "

When the players are defeated, instead of immediately disappearing and dropping all of their equipment into a box as they used to be in PUBG Mobile, they suddenly sit, reach the back pocket, put a box with all their equipment in front of them, and forgive goodbye before will disappear.

"The climbing function is super boring," said Weibo user by the handle "Babybreath_lemon". "Every time I saw that I felt [the enemies] they were not dead, so I shot something else. "

"Game for Peace" also replaced blood images, colored green to meet previous limitations and are now considered non-compliant under the new rules of approval for games, with colorful bright spots. Players complain that without the fog of blood rising when enemies are affected, they can not say whether they are landing.

"How will I play the game if I can not get any feedback on whether I am beatting people?" Said one user of Weibo named "Bean has bad memory".

Another fiercely debated feature is a pop up announcement that warns players when there are five others, tells the users they have already won and wonder if they would like to continue. Notice does not appear only at the center of the screen and affects the game, but also has very little sense, say the players.

"The announcement of the top five players is seriously stupid, because I'm already among the top five, why would not I continue to play?" Asked Veibo user using the Chinese language "mo yin yin. "

Some disappointed players went directly to the mockery of the game. "We suggest that the game removes weapons because they are super violent. We can only hold our hands together, watch the sunset and decide who is the champion with rock-scissors," said Weibo's user, ESTO EEI.

Reviews on Apple's App Store are also huge negative, with users complaining of the exclusion of "PUBG Mobile" and criticizing "Game for Peace" for her unrealistic experience in the game and changes to calm the regulators.

"What has become this game? Not only me, but a few random people that I teamed up with the same said:" read a user's comment using a Chinese username "e ge ge. "" My friends have uninstalled the game, and I will do the same after I leave this comment. "

Despite negative reviews from players, market estimates for the game are positive, as both games are essentially the same, with "Game for Peace", with some relatively minor upgrades. Analysts of the investment bank China Renaissance told Reuters that "Game for Peace" could potentially generate 8 billion yen to 10 billion yen (about $ 1.18 billion to $ 1.48 billion) in annual revenue.

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