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Forty locations: Where to dance in a sunny, metal dog's head, too cafe

The Challenges for Season 7, Week 9 of Fortune are now living, and for one of them, you will have to board a pilgrimage all over the island. Specifically, the challenge requires you to locate the three key landmarks, overcome them, and then make some dancing to win the precious battle of the stars. Those with a good knowledge of the map are likely to be able to do so quickly, but if you need a leading hand, we are here to offer. Below you will find a breakdown of the challenge, and exactly where you should go to complete it.

So, the three features you need to find are a tablecloth, a brown brown cup and a giant metal dog's head. Everyone there spread through the map, so it may be easier to find one, give up the game, then fly from the battle bus to the next and so on. On The sunny clock is located in the lower right part of the island in the desert. Take a look at the G9 rack and look for a hill north of the gas station. You will see a bunch of cars arranged in a very strange way – it's your bazaar.

It's next an oversized cup of coffee, which will need to be pulled back to the reference network F5 to find. Make dinner for delicious dishes, especially for the car park, and there you will see caffeine. If you are approaching from the front, it is on the left side of the parking lot. And of course, on giant metal dog head is everywhere in the upper left corner of the island at Junk Junction. Reduce to the reference network B2 and look for a crane on the left side of the entrance, which has a little dog on the face. Come to the very top of the crane – the head as it was – and move on step. Take a look at the map below for visual representation, and there are also screenshots showing the exact locations.

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Fortune Sun, Folding Cup of Coffee, Giant Metal Dog Head Dog

  • Sun: southwest of paradise palm trees in the grid G9
  • Preferred Coffee Cup: Hello Divot restaurant on the grid reference F5
  • Giant metal dog head: Junk pile at the top of the crane; network reference B2

The remaining challenges for this week are pretty clear and you can get a breakdown on them all for the 9th week; Another faint one involves shooting golden balloons. Together with them, the Showtime poster challenge is also live.

Of course, the Winter theme in Fortune is ongoing and, as part of this, a new weapon called the Chiller Grenade is added to the game. It came in the 7.30 update, which also introduced a limited Solid Gold time mode. You can read both of them, as well as the various other changes and additions, in the full updates to the 7.30 patch on Ford.

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