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Expert gives advice on how to prevent frozen pipes

Expert gives advice on how to prevent frozen pipes

Bone temperature temperatures are on the road as the Arctic explosion arrives on Wednesday. This cold can put the pipes in your home at the risk of freezing.

How can you help prevent frozen pipes?

Second Vice President for Risk Insurance for Passenger Insurance Scott Humphrey says the most important thing, you need to know where the pipes are.

"If you have a part of the house that you do not use frequently, a room or a bathroom, you need to open those doors if they are normally closed," said Humphrey.

The hot air should circulate near the water pipes. Also, consider opening cabinets if your water pipes are in the outer wall, as in the kitchen. This will help to keep warm air following.

Humphrey encourages maintenance of the thermostat to at least 55 degrees.

You can also insert some inserts for tube insulation insulation.

If the pipes are frozen, immediately turn off the water at home to help minimize damage. If there is damage, the decision to make a claim with your insurance will come down to consider whether it will exceed your deductible amount. If so, you will receive compensation from your insurance company.

Humphrey says that if the cost of the damage is less than your deduction, it may not be worth it. What's worth is to be ready for the next explosion in the cold and work to prevent frozen tubes in the future.

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