Monday , January 18 2021

Does Vindi Williams get acquainted?

Despite the fact that the ink barely dried up on divorce papers, Wendy Williams does not waste time putting himself there and living the best life. It was revealed last week that Williams filed for divorce from her longtime husband, Kevin Hunter, after rumors and speculations about his alleged mistress for several years. On April 17, an episode of her talk show, Williams opened for some of the surprising phone calls she had after the diversion bomb.

What led Williams to divorce her husband?

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter tied the knot in 1997, but their alliance is something other than bliss. Although publicly, Williams always claimed that she was in a happy marriage and fell in love with her husband, rumors argue that Hunter was not a faithful partner. Williams confirmed that she had cheated him in the past, but that they decided to work through things like a united couple. Recently, the couple began re-writing titles, as tabloids reported that Hunter's alleged lover, Sharinda Hudson, gave birth to a child to Hunter.

Between headline stress and possible health problems, Williams began to behave unfairly to her emission, and even took a prolonged absence, which was usually unexplained. In March 2019, she discovered that she had begun to struggle with addiction problems, and it seemed to have created a catalyst for changes in her life. On April 10th, the headlines began reporting that Williams had served Hunter with divorce papers and that her longtime husband and manager would step down from his role as her TV show.

Who wants to take Williams for dinner?

Immediately after the news of the divorce, usually quietly Hunter issued a statement, where he condemned his actions and publicly apologized to his alienated wife. If he expects that the statement will be different in the way Williams acts, he is likely to be disappointed. Wendy Williams seemed better and happier than ever before after divorce and acted more like her "old self" Wendy Williams show. She even opened and admitted to doing so well that she would soon leave the curious house in which she lived for several months.

On the show on April 17th, Williams was particularly quiet during her "Hot Topic" segment, where she admitted receiving several unexpected phone calls the previous evening. First, she discovered that her DJ show, DJ Boof, called her to ask her for dinner. After that call, her old radio host, Charlamagne Tha God, touched her and asked for a possible dinner. Communication with Charlamagne is particularly surprising, given the long-standing row that her former associate has with Kevin Hunter. It seems that with Hunter in the life of Williams, she is able to connect with old friends and reach a healthier personal place.

Williams concluded her discoveries saying that she also received an invitation to one of the fashion icons Andre Leone Tally and the famous balls of comedy Sandra Bernard. She said she would definitely attend and even invite members of her staff on a TV show to tag together. For the normally determined Williams, who in the past admitted to wanting to stay home and not to hang out, this is great news.

When will Williams start dating again?

Although Williams seems to be enjoying life as a single woman, it is not known whether she is actually ready to meet someone seriously. Once in such a long relationship, she may want to relax and enjoy one's life for some time. Undoubtedly, in the coming weeks and months, fans will learn more about Williams' plans for the future and for the new life she creates for herself.

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