Saturday , October 16 2021

DLC fighter "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" has already been resolved – BGR

During the Nintendo Direct live broadcast last week, Nintendo revealed the last three warriors that will be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster: Ken (Street Fighter), Incineroar (pokemon) and Piranha Plant, which will be distributed for free to anyone who makes the initial digitization of the game or register the game on My Nintendo until January 31. This gives you total employment of up to 70 (if you do not count Echo Fighters), but the list is not complete yet.

Smash Bros. Director of the series Masahiro Sakurai also announced in the stream that five additional DLC fighters will be added to the game after the premiere, and although none of these characters have yet been unveiled, it seems that all five have already been resolved, even if we won I do not see them in action for months.

On Monday, Sakurai confirmed in the tweet that the final composition of Dash Smash Bros. "is now ready", which means that all five additional fighters that join the game have already been finalized. Sakurai says that Nintendo chooses heroes, and then his job is to find out if this character will work Break:

He also explained that although he appreciates everyone's passion Smash Bros. fans, there is no need to flood your karma with suggestions for future fighters, because the list is complete. If 75 characters are not enough, it's bad:

When it comes to getting DLC, each player has a stage and many music pieces from the game series. These packages cost $ 6 a piece, but you can also buy a Fighters Pass for $ 25, which includes all five packages. All parcels will be issued until February 2020, A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate starts on December 7.

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