Thursday , April 22 2021

Bootleggers maintains 18 hours of unofficial Radiohead "OK Computer" music for $ 150,000

"What we're talking about is simply theft," one admirer said.

Over 18 hours of music from the OK Radio series, Radiohead, reportedly leaked after the bootleggers held the material to a ransom of up to $ 150,000.

One of the most influential albums of all time, the band's third album in 1997, received a deluxe reissue as a flicker in 2017 – along with B-pages and three previously unreleased songs "I Promise," "Man of War" and " Elevator.

However, the wealth of more previously unreleased material has been controversially unearthed. At Reddit, it appeared that fans came in contact with a bootlegger who bought 18 Minidiscs billed as "Full Computer Sessions" – reportedly including almost 18 hours of demo, alternative picks and early-live footage. It is said that the frontman Tom York recorded and archived the sessions themselves.

Among them are the 12-minute version of "Paranoid Android", early studio versions of "Exit Music", "I Promise", "True Love Waits" and even "Lift" (which did not make the first album cut since the band feared it was too "antichromatic").

Fans made the Google Document for what sessions they allegedly contain. One user claims that the original material owner claimed "$ 150,000 for the entire series" or "$ 800 for a study track and $ 50 for a live track".

"We are not pleased with the idea that these things will sell them to high-paying shopping circles and someone profiting from stolen material," a reddening fan wrote, protesting against the material that was made available.

Another added: "What we are talking about is simply theft and it's wrong. What makes it horrible is that the fool tries to profit from selling the stolen work of the band, which may be the worst case for this scenario."

Other users commented on how harmful this would be to the band, as early versions of Kid A songs are among the releases that can be officially used by Radiohead for the next edition of the 20th anniversary.

NME he addressed a Radiohead spokesman for comment.

As well as playing the odds of there ever being Bohemia Rhapsody– biopic style on Radiohead (revealing who he would like to play in the movie), guitarist Johnny Greenwood said he is currently paying the whole attention to the new music he will make for BBC Proms 2019 – adding that Radiohead was on the background due to the upcoming album the "distopiaal anxiety" by Tom York and the Brazilian debut solo record by guitarist Ed O'Briyan. Even though he did not hear the solo material of O'Brien, Greenwood added that York's next solo album "sounds great" and "has some great strings."

Meanwhile, York has recently revealed that the band plans to "do something really cool" with the archival material from "Kid A" and "Amnesia".

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