Friday , June 18 2021

Barcelona is confident of selling Osman Dembele to the Premier League club for £ 100m

Barcelona are confident they can sell Ousman Dembele in Liverpool for £ 100m.

But Jürgen Klopp seems not so interested in forward as a first thought, and he does not intend to meet the great price that Barcelona hit the Frenchman.

Dembel spent turbulent time in Spain at the moment and failed to impress Barcelona's top brass after a £ 97m transfer in 2017.

The French international was brought in with a significant price for Barcelona as a substitute for Neymar, who has just departed for Paris Saint-Germain.

But after just a season and a half Barcelona began to tiring with Dembel, who recently had a painful and missed training.

Barcelona are confident they can sell Ousmane Dembele

After his call, the club doctor was sent to the Frenchman's house to assess his condition and found nothing wrong with his health. He even saw several young people sleeping at their property around noon.

MirrorFootball understands that Barcelona are driving the Dembele transfer and are trying to reverse it.

Jurgen Klop is not so interested in forward as the first thought

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The club believes that because of playing for Dortmund – where Liverpool chief Jürgen Klop was used, he would be interested in them.

Moreover, Barcelona is aware that Liverpool has spent a lot of money on recent transfers, including a £ 75 million move for Virgil van Dick and a £ 67m contract for Allison.

Dembele passes through turbulent time in Spain at the moment

But Liverpool is not interested in Barcelona's 100 million pounds asking for the price, and consider other goals to provide better value for money.

Clop is also aware that he is happy with his Liverpool line, dominated by Mohamed Salah, Sadoi Mane and Roberto Firmino.

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