Wednesday , June 16 2021

Apple iPad Pro Horribly Fails Durability Test, aluminum body offers zero structural integrity

Apple has recently introduced its latest fleet of devices. One of the most influential of them is the iPad Pro with updated looks and improved specifications. IPAD destroyed most of the legitimate computers with the A12X Bionic chip in comparative tests. Apple decided on a smaller housing with much smaller frames and a record-thin body. This, however, makes the iPad very fragile and subject to average damage along with daily use.

Youtuber JerryRigEverything has, as always, published video testing the strength of the tablet, and the results certainly were not pleasant. The iPad screen consists of the standard glass used in most flagship smartphones, but the interesting thing is that iPad glass is thinner than usual, which after hard press leaves a temporary impression. When we pass the sides of the tablet, we notice that the matrix housing is made of standard aluminum from Apple, but one notable thing is that the microphone module and the apple pencil magnetic strip lie in the middle of the device.

After passing the bending test, the device completely disintegrates. It looks like the turn gate is really strong. The device folds like a piece of paper, and the perpetrators are the microphone hole and the cordless Pencil charger. After removing the screen, it is considered that the iPad does not have adequate structural integrity. This is very disappointing, especially for devices that cost over USD 800. It is obvious that Apple does not think about the durability of the tablet, and the metal casing acts as if its only purpose was to bind the components. Apple definitely has to worry about the structure of its iPads, as well as the general factors related to durability.

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