Saturday , June 19 2021

A Day in History: TGI Fridays opens in Rochester | History

• TGI Fridays, the international network, opened its 255th restaurant this week along US 52 in Rochester. The new dining room can seat 190 people at the tables and in the bar.

• The high school in Stewartville has been recognized as the best in state due to the health and recreational program. The prize is awarded by the Minnesota Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

• Rochester received only a few blasts of snow, but 18 cm of snow and 30 km of wind hit Duluth.

• Olmsted County has a draft call for 18 men for December, according to the Selective Service Office. The amount is the second highest in 1968.

• Mankato State College withdraws from the Northern Inter-College Conference and will enter the North Central Conference in 1970-71. Kato State will join the conference in 1972.

• The Senior High School in Rochester presented Clifford Goldsmith "What a Life" at the Central Auditorium. The performance was mainly set in the director's office, and many cast members played the faculty members. The "make-up" committee did a great job.

• "The world of tomorrow will have today's students at the forefront and will need all knowledge and enlightenment that books can give them to build a future with vision and intelligence." The quote, repeated by Mrs. Marion Baker, a school librarian, serves as a slogan to observe the Book Week at the Rochester high school.

• In the near future, no one is allowed to build a fire in a limited neighborhood of Rochester. Over the years, companies would burn their garbage, but the new regulation will put a stop to this practice.

• Five weeks of compulsory closing of all theaters caused huge financial difficulties. The management of the city theater required the return of the license money for the period when the places of business were closed.

Ten years ago: Al-Qaida No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahri, has sunk Barack Obama as a black American who is bidding bialowie in a new online news that is to hurt the popularity of the president elect among Arabs and Muslims. The Dow Jones industrial average closed at 8,000 at 7997,28 – the lowest level since March 2003. The theater and dance critic Clive Barnes died in New York at the age of 81.

Five years ago: Suicide bombers attacked the Iranian embassy in Beirut, killing 23 people, including a diplomat, and injuring more than 140 others. Senegalese State of Dreams Creigh Deeds has been attacked several times and stabbed by his mentally ill adult son, Gus Deed, who took his own life. Diane Disney Miller, 79, daughter of Walt Disney and one of his inspirations for creating Disneyland, died in Napa, California. Disney's animated story "Frozen" had its Hollywood première.

A year ago: Charles Manson, the leader of the cult hippie for the gruesome murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles in 1969, died in a Californian hospital at the age of 83 after a nearly half-century prison. In a communiqué that would prosecute, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has ignored his quit and said he would chair the ruling party's party in December. The state media and the monitoring group in Syria have reported that pro-government forces have defeated a group of Islamic states in its last large fortress in the country. Mel Tillis, a longtime melody, died in Florida at the age of 85. Actress and singer Della Reese died at the age of 86 in her home in Los Angeles.

Today's birthday: Talk show host Larry King is 85 years old. Former General Electric General Director, Jack Welch, is 83 years old. Talk show host Dick Cavett is 82 years old. Broadcaster and sports tycoon Ted Turner is 80 years old. Former Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, is 79 years old. The secretary for human services Tommy G. Thompson is 77 years old. Fashion designer Calvin Klein is 76 years old. Sportcaster Ahmad Rashad is 69 years old. Actor Robert Beltran is 65 years old. Actress Kathleen Quinlan is 64 years old. Actress Glynnis O & # 39; Connor is 63 years old. An Ann Curry TV journalist is 62 years old. NASA's astronaut Eileen Collins is 62 years old. Actress Allison Janney is 59 years old. Rock musician Matt Sorum (Guns N & # 39; Roses, Velvet Revolver) is 58 years old. Actress Meg Ryan is 57 years old. Actress-director Jodie Foster is 56. Actress Terry Farrell is 55 years old. Chef Rocco DiSpirito is 52 years old. Actor Jason Scott Lee is 52 years old. The Gail Devers olympic runner is 52 years old. Actress Erika Alexander is 49 years old. Rock musician Travis McNabb is 49 years old. The singer Tony Rich is 47 years old. Actress Sandrine Holt is 46 years old. singer Jason Albert (Heartland) is 45 years old. Country Singer Billy Currington is 45 years old. Dancer-choreographer Savion Glover is 45 years old. Country musician Chad Jeffers is 43 years old. Tamika Scott (Xscape) rhythmic blues singer is 43 years old. The rhythmic and blues singer Lil & # 39; Mo is 41 years old. Olympic gold gymnastics Kerri Strug is 41 years old. Actor Reid Scott is 41 years old. Film director Barry Jenkins (Film: "Moonlight") is 39 years old. Actress Katherine Kelly is 39 years old. Neo-soul musician Browan Lollar is 36 years old. Actor Adam Driver is 35 years old. Domestic singer Cam is 34 years old. Actress Samantha Futerman is 31 years old. Rapper Tyga is 29 years old.

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