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Winfast car rolls still "chattel", why? | Economy

They are rushing to buy electric scooters

On November 20 and 21, the event of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam (VCCI) and Vingroup organized the opening ceremony of "Vietnamese goods that conquered Vietnamese people" and launched cars Winfest attracted the attention of Vietnamese consumers.

The heat of the event can be seen as if it happened in two normal working days, not over the weekend, but car and engine car parks in and out of Unified Park were overburdened. .

According to the reporter, in addition to the number of people coming to the event just for curiosity, many curious clients also have deposits to get Clara's electric engine for use. November 21, as a buyer asked to buy this car, a correspondent advised by consultants at Vinfast said that the current car sales is over, guests can deposit up to the beginning of December 1818 will receive a car. The sales price of electric motors Klara Lithium batteries, including VAT is 35 million; Clara used acid-lead batteries 21 million.

"Former factory price for Klara's motor vehicles is 35 million denars, my son is employed in Vingroup, so the incentives are reduced to 31 million dong. I registered to buy half a month ago for parents to travel. , saved more on motorcycles with a petrol engine. In the afternoon, I went to apply for, pay and take my car. "This morning, I went to register for the license plate," said Thani Hai, 59, in Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

How much is Winfast?

In Vinffast's advisory and car sales are also crowded. Accordingly, Vinfast sedan Lux A2.0 car has a retail price of 800 million denars, SUV Lux SA2.0 (excluding VAT) is 1.136 billion Dong, Fadil car (excluding VAT) is 336 million Dong. According to the consultants here, after the deposit (20 million VND for Fadil car, 50 million VND for the other two cars), around September 2019 customers will be handed over.

"Although Lux models do not yet have commercial versions (production versions), Fadil is getting ready to line up, it's not possible to evaluate the price as" expensive or reasonable "and many factors considerations. However, with the equipment released by VinFast, it can confirm that Fadil is a model with more advanced equipment than current rivals such as the Hyundai Grand i10, Kia Morning or Toyota Wigo, "he Viet Hung (40, Hanoi) – a serene car.

According to his calculations, if there are no changes in the tax policy, the preferential rates from now to Winfast will deliver the car, a small car Fadil in Hanoi will have a total cost of 436.3 million 419.9 million VND (a preferential price is 369.6 million VND plus registration fee, license plate fee and first registration fee, mandatory liability insurance, maintenance fees for the road register).

Meanwhile, for both versions of Lux, if the design of the two versions of the concept car is stored with five seats for Lux A 2.0 and 7 seats Lux Lux SA 2.0 same price. Sales / promotional prices and tax / fee policies are unchanged from current prices, the estimated total cost of ownership will be: Lux A2.0L in Hanoi is VND1.008 billion, in HCMC is 981.4 million; Garlic SA2.0L in Hanoi is 1.421 billion, HCM City is 1.387 billion dollars.

Stable policy, high localization, car prices will decline

According to Nguyen Tah Hai, a connoisseur of marketing, the perceived value is created in two basic ways: Cost of Ownership (Price) and Outstanding value products. Usually the two do not go together. Good products are expensive. Vingroup took a premium brand product (BMW as a premium) to pull out for sale on lower market segments (ie only 2 Lux models A2.0 and SA2.0); while taking a popular brand (Opel) to make a better product to move at low prices, low prices (Fadil). In addition, according to Hai, the prices for the models of the A2.0 and SA2.0L models can not be reduced using the chassis of BMW.

Economic expert Ngo Tri Long also said that by 2019 import tariffs for automotive components should be reduced if the localization rate of the business is reduced. Therefore, if the incentive policy for the development of the domestic automotive industry is stable, the future of Winfast will be reduced. Consumers have more choices.

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