Sunday , April 18 2021

"Who pays for this meal"

After the wedding, Tran Tran Hari Won and his wife are still known as several fans. Different from close friends Truong Guyang, Nha Phuong, Tran Tan and her wife are pretty hard to share the usual moments on social networks, as well as show their love everywhere, from a press conference to join games.

Not only that, the couple also often laughs with humor and "muddy" when they are together. The two did not hesitate to tease, "drowning" with each other.

Recently, on Tran Tan's personal site, he released a clip from Tran-Tan's invitation to Harry Vaughn's family and some members of the company that she had just begun to go to dinner at the pizza restaurant.

During this meal, there is a mother and sister, brother Harry Vaughn. Unlike Yoo Rudya and his mother, Harry Vaughn's younger brother is quite shy when he does not want to appear on the pistol. He did not even say a single word.

Harry Vaughn's brother did not want to get into the pistol.

The girl sitting next to her brother Harry Vaughn was represented by Tran Tan as his girlfriend.
The girlfriend of his brother Harry Vaughn is also completely embarrassed and must cover his face, causing Zhen Cheng to shout: "Hide what! Include your face!" To the mother of Harry Vaughn, she said: "I know a little Vietnamese, but I can listen, I say no."

Harry Vaughn's mother is happy at dinner.

Immediately after the introduction, Harry Vaughn immediately won the camera and not forget to get rid of the "Derri" Tran Tran: "This is a very fat, big man like the moon in the night, saying, but still eating like never before. Looking very welcome, a big stomach, and what is this hip?" .

Listening to his wife's scornful words, Tran Tan did not refrain from abuse of his mother and his immediate wife.: "What is it? Who pays this meal? I had no money to pay the other day because I forgot to bring it, and who pays? Why do I behave with me like that?"

The face of Tran Chan pretended to be angry.

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