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VIC is constantly rising, Mr. Pham Nath Wooong added 7.833 billion GWD

Saturday, 18.05.2015 11:30 (GMT + 7)

With Vingroup of VIC shares 4% to VND 116,900 by 4 rising sessions and 1 reduced session, Vingroup chairman Pham Nhat Vuong became the head of the largest asset growth in the past week.

In particular, with the termination of the trading on May 13-17, the value of the shares of VIC from Wuong increased by 7,833 billion VND, reaching 21840 billion VND.

Fam Wang Wong and his wife are also the ones who noticed the biggest increase in assets in the top 5 richest people in the stock market.

Ms. Pham Chu Huong (Vice President of Wingrup, his wife Pham Nit Wooong) has an additional 634 billion VND. At present, Hoon's assets have grown to 17,658 billion VND.

Ms. Hoon is currently the fifth-ranked richest person on the stock market with 431 billion VND more than the face behind HPG President Tran Dyne Long, who also added 320 billion billion dollars last week, thanks to her share. Hryvnia shares rose.

VIC steadily increased, Mr. Pham Nath Wooong added 7.833 billion VND-1

President Vingroup Pham Nhat Vuong.

In addition to Wingrup's husband and wife, the top five billionaires also noticed Ms. Nguyen Ti Fong Tao – vice president of HDBank, general manager of Vietet Aviation's Joint Stock Company – by increasing the value of the shares.

In particular, the total value of the shares of HDB and VJC held by Ms. Thao (the fourth richest in the top 5) rose by 414 billion VND compared to the end of last week, reaching VND 20.838 billion.

Meanwhile, the billionaire du Ho Hung Anh and Nguyen Dang Quang were the ones who had to get unhappy news last week because the 1.9% increase for TCB shares was not enough to offset the 1.1 drop. % of shares in MSN.

The president of Techcombank, the main shareholder of Masan Group and Ho Hung Anh, lost VND230 billion last week, although Mr. Hung Anh remained firm in second place with a net worth of 22.319 billion VND.

Then he is Mr. Nguyen Dang Kvang – president of Masan Group, vice president of Techcombank – with a reduction of 248 billion VND. Mr. Kvang's assets are currently at 22,036 billion VND.

After 18 years,

After many years, information about the business results of CTCP Vinpearl has been revealed.

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