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Unfinished dream of a male student running in Grab was brutally killed

We returned to the village of My Son, in the municipality of Vin Chen, in the district of Win Lock (Tan Joa) – the hometown of the unfortunate student who ruled Grab was killed. My mother, my stepfather, my relatives and neighbors are still shocked by my tragic death.

People here have said that when S. was young, S.'s parents. were divorced. S. and her mother lived in Tan Hun Municipality, Tah Tan County. Later S. followed her mother to Vin Chen municipality to sell and live.

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Feeling bad about the student before bringing in 2 suspects.

When I first came here, my mother's life and I were extremely difficult. Having traded chicken in the past, Ms. Tu – her mother S. every day she used to go to the market, buy chickens and sell clues at night. When S. she was young, every time her mother went to work, she had to get engaged, to ask someone to carry her. Growing up, she understood and loved her mother strongly, besides school, S. bring chickens to market to sell with his mother.

“S. is a gentle and valuable child. I love my mom so hard from a young age, often helping out with housework. Growing Out of School and helps her mother buy and sell chickens. I love her very much, especially on rainy, windy nights, everyone is in the house, but her mother and herself are still at work. Some time later, when S. grew up, S.'s mother. she moved away. Perhaps struggling to grow up at an early age. is valuable, alive. I always wanted to be independent, I didn't want my mother to fight for it, ”said one neighbor of S.

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Mr. Jung Van Tan – S.'s stepmother is not completely shocked by the disaster that has taken place.

Sitting on his knees in an empty house, Mr. Jung Van Tan (CN 1959) – S.'s stepfather. still could not believe that the disaster had hit the family.

"Going to university, but S. chose to attend college for her mother not to work hard. she also wanted to graduate from school to look for work to support her mother. In the first month of Grab, he sent several millions to his mother. He also told me to be sure, you would send me money every month. Anyway … "- Mr Jin left the sentence, pitying the good son.

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The tricky man was taken to his hometown of Tah Tan for burial.

Then she choked: “It was difficult since childhood, so I grew up and knew how to be independent. No one forced him to suffer so hard, but he only learned a few days to look for a part-time job, asked to support himself, and then told him to send more money to his mother every month. Partly because I love my feet, my feet are wet in foreign countries, partly because of hard work, my parents also advise me, but they are determined to be equal. "

Previously like Intellectual people announced that on the evening of September 26, Nguyen Cao S. (CN 2001, My Son Village, Vin Chen Municipality, Vin Lok District, Tan Sho) was a Grab driver waiting for guests in My Din District, Hanoi. At about 8:30 pm the same day, before detaining two unknown persons, S. wrote his new girlfriend NH with a roommate named L. for waiting guests in My Dean area. S. painted the two guests with the message "Report something to the police and report these two guys to Ko Nihu."

One day after failing to contact S., he did not see the male student going to school, so his roommate rushed to S.'s relatives. to inform him.

Family members posted on social media thanks to the search and drove to Hanoi for almost a day when they discovered that this young man had died with many injuries to his body, at approximately 6 pm on September 28.

This morning, after the autopsy was completed, authorities handed over the body of the victim to family members to bring them to the Cremation and then cremate the remains in their hometown of Tan Jung, Thatch County. Tan and Tan Joa are buried.


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