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Turning hot clips with more than 100 women, "male gods" lost both lead and fishing

Thursday, June 6, 2019 13:00 (GMT + 7)

Having a handsome, bodily look as a model and a highly educated, for two years, this "male god" has seduced more than 100 women to spend the night with him, and then put a camera in the room and shot a hot scene sold on a black net.

Famous online, there are thousands of followers, millions of fans, but there are people who do not know how to behave properly, even causing violations of the laws to get the "bitter" end. .

Series "Network phenomenon entangled in labor" will be a wake-up call on this issue.

Hot clip with over 100 women,

"The male god" was arrested with an act of incurable over 100 sex clips to be released online.

Sex clips were recorded

In May 2017, a major project was carried out by the Chinese police after discovering a website with a foreign IP address specializing in providing hot clips of Chinese and viewers who wanted to download a clip to pay a fee. money. Dozens of clips shared by this address have downloads to hundreds of thousands.

Initially, the investigative force encountered some difficulties because the black website server was located overseas and was always covered by the "main actor" in the clips. However, with professional technical measures, the police found a man called "Resistance" as the main male character in these clips, and the partners were mostly recorded without knowing.

Immediately, the police identified the identity and continued to arrest this man. Police said "He was Resistant" misled women through social media talks that happened to meet at the airport or the bar. After that, he took them to the hotel and returned to the hot clip and published it online. Resistance has an accomplice in charge of black web transactions as an international student in the United States. This name is also caught.

The initial complaint he recorded was simple to deceive, there were girls who agreed to let him return. But then, seeing that there is "love" can turn the piston to sell money. The number of hot clips he has recorded to over 100 clips, collected around $ 200,000 (about 440 million VND) …

Protestant women are deceiving each occupation, some are women, many work in the field of art as an amateur model. In addition, many of them are married women. Everyone thinks I'm happy because I "loved" a nice, good man, so I did not doubt anything. Thanks to that advantage, he deceives many people.

"The male god" on social networks

Resistance to education, higher education abroad. The time of arrest The resident works as a senior manager in a financial company with a relatively high salary in Shanghai. As a good-looking owner, the ideal height of the model is up to 1.85 meters, so this guy is called a "male god" online.

Precisely through these charismatic features, the Resistance seduced more than 100 women at night with him in hotels. In those "rainy clouds", he secretly placed the camera in the room and recorded the sex scene with his partner, then wiped his face and sold it to the black grid.

This "male god" had his wife and wife working in the financial industry. She did not fully know about her husband's tainted behavior. She said that because of her work, her husband often went on business trips, met with many people, and therefore did not pay attention to her husband's relations. Only when arrested by the police knew the offense caused by her husband.

The Chinese Criminal Code stipulates that those who perform actions to make profits from capturing and disseminating defective cultural products will be sentenced to 10 years in prison. "In the case of this case, the deterioration of resistance is the rotation of the clip itself. This is a particularly serious incident that can lead to life imprisonment," the police said.


Please salute the sequel to the series The phenomenon of network tangled work at 13:00 on 7/6/2019.

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